List of baby Shower Games

The List of baby shower games below has over 100 baby shower games to enthrall, entice and entertain your visitors.

And did I mention that they are free!!

Browse the list and click a link to be taken to a game page where you will find all the info you need to plan an exciting, fun party.

Baby Shower Games List:

Food & Candy Games

Bottle game

Food tasting game

More food games

candy bar game

Candy Concentration Game

Match the Candy Game

The Baby Feeding Game

Baby Food Taste Tester

Pins in Rice

My water Broke

Guess how many candies/m&m Guessing game

Diaper Games

Diaper raffle

Dirty Diaper Game

Diaper Changing Race

More Diaper Games

Ice Breakers

Break the ice games

Baby Pool

Door Prize Games

Baby Shower Door Prize Games

Easy Games

Baby Shower Name Game

Baby Shower Matching Game

Baby Shower Guessing Games

Guess the baby Bibs

Baby Shower Word Scramble Games

Baby Shower Word Games

Baby Shower Memory Game

Baby Shower Puzzle Game

Trivia Games

Baby Trivia

Who Knows Mommy Best

Mommy Daddy Trivia

Baby shower Quizzes

Baby Traits Game

TV Themed Games

Price is right

Baby Jeopardy

Minute to Win it Baby Shower Game

Christian Games

Bible Game

Mothers in the bible

Other Christian Game

Nursery Rhyme Games

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

List of  Nursery Rhyme Games

Bingo Games

Baby shower bingo

Popular Games

Sock game

Don't say baby

Clothespin game

Measure mommy's tummy

Purse game

Name that tune

Left right game

Baby Shower Mad Lib

Alphabet Game

Animal Game

Baby Photo Guess Game

Noah's Ark

Pacifier Games

Couples & Coed Games

Couples Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games for Men

Baby Shower Games for Family

Baby Shower Games for Kids

Game for Gifts

Gift Opening Games

Group Games

Baby Pictionary

Stand Up Sit Down Game

Advice & Baby Wishes

Baby shower Advice Cards

Activities, Art & Craft

Baby Shower Activities


Baby Keepsake

Celebrity Games

Celebrity Name Game

Games by occasion

valentines baby shower games

Christmas Baby Shower Games

Halloween Baby Shower Games

Games you are looking for:

Funny Games

Unique Games

New Baby Shower Games

Boy Baby Shower Game Ideas

Girl Baby Shower Games

More Games

Mommy Obstacle Course

Ultrasound baby shower game

Our Baby Shower Games list is constantly being added to so check back to see whats new and If you have a game not on our list please let us know and submit your very own games here

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