Cute Baby Shower Poems
and verses

We have cute baby shower poems to use for all your baby shower party needs. Baby shower poems can be used for any and all aspects of the party.

You may just want a sweet and creative way to say "you are invited" or something sweet and special to add to your gift.

Poems can be just what mommy to be ordered.

We have made available for you free baby shower poems for you to use.

Whatever you want to say we have poems and verses that will do the job.

See how you can use cute baby poems at your party:

Invitations-Say you’re invited with just the right words that will endear your event to your visitors. Nice way to say it’s a boy/girl

Favors- add a little poem or saying to your poems to tell guests that they are special and their gifts are appreciated

Thank you cards- how well to say thank you than to say it with a rhyme

As Game- a favorite game that will always give guests a laugh is the baby shower poem game.  

Theme- a poem will let guests know if it’s a pirate, jungle or even a gender reveal. A cute little poem will impress guests and even help get them ready for the big day.

Choose From These Cute Baby Shower Poems & Verses

More Poems to Choose From:

Diaper poems

Each pack of diaper you bring

You get a chance to win

An amazing prize for you to boast and grin


Bring a pack of diapers other than newborn size

Mom to be will be real glad plus you get a chance to win

A cool prize


Diaper Raffle


A pack of diaper for lil ole me

Would really help mom and daddy to be

So please bring a pack any size and have a

Chance to win a great prize


Tiny Feet

Little tiny feet

We cant wait to meet

It’s a baby shower

Its gonna be a treat

Couple Baby shower poem

Great way for mom and dad to be to feel included in the baby shower and to let everyone know boys and girls are are both invited:

It’s a baby shower not just for mommy

But for daddy too

Expect to chug some beer

There’s gonna be a barbecue

They’ll love any gifts

Diaper, wipes or baby gear

Please RSVP they’ll love to see you there

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Poems

Spread the word about the baby and make it clear that it’s a gender neutral baby shower celebration. 


Below are some poems and verses that are sure to draw a smile even while you make it clear you don’t care if it’s a girl or boy!

 Poems can be use in invitations or just send them along with the invitations for a little extra cuteness.

You can even add them to the baby shower décor by printing or writing them on pretty cardstock and scattering them around the room.




Pink or blue

Ties or hair bows

What they are having nobody knows


We don’t know if it is a girl or boy

Either way it will be a bundle of joy


Holly baby is almost due

We still don’t know if its pink or blue

We’re so excited we can hardly wait

So join us as we celebrate




Holly and Mike are expecting a baby

A new bundle of joy

Lets celebrate this special gift

Be it a girl or boy




Is it a boy or girl

We really cannot say

Let us celebrate

With a special day




Bow-ties or tutu

Buckles or lace

A cute lil girl

Or maybe it’s a boy

Holly cant wait to meet

Her bundle of joy




Ten little fingers,

Ten little toes

A baby boy or girl

Nobody knows

To meet the little one

Mommy cannot wait

So come to the baby shower

Lets celebrate




Pink or blue

We haven’t a clue

Mommy’s having a shower

Her baby’s almost due


Gender reveal Poems


Finding out the sex of the baby is joyous news. Its means you can start picking out names and color scheme for the baby’s room. Tell friends and family what the angel is going o be with a gender reveal poem. There are many ways you can do this, whether sending out the poems in email or send it with a card or even better sending it with invitations for a gender reveal baby shower. This will drum up more excitement and make it even special for all those involved.


He or she

You have to come to see

To holly’s baby shower

For a gender reveal




Roses are red

Violets are blue

Hubby has a penis

And the baby does too



Baby shower Verses for Invitations

Invitation wording ideas

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