Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Planning a successful baby shower includes finding the right baby shower favor ideas. Although it is not mandatory its nice to give your guests a small token for taking the time to celebrate with the mom-to-be.

There are lots of baby shower party favor ideas to choose from but you may want to choose a favor that will be appreciated and not tossed in the trash the minute a guest goes home. It is good to bear in mind the following before deciding on a baby shower party favor:

Theme- coordinating the party favors with the theme will compliment to party. There are lots of themed favors you can purchase online or be creative and put together your own themed favors. Themed favors will serve as the perfect reminder of the party to guests.

Budget- Favors are suppose to be small keepsake to guests so do not feel you have to go out and purchase expensive favors for guests. Many cute and special items can be bought wholesale or cheaply at party stores.

Guests- Look at the guest list before selecting favors. While some favors can fit all types of guest, you want to be sure that the favor will be appreciated by everyone. For instance if guys are invited go with small delicious food treats that will be enjoyed by both sexes instead of little candlesthat they may look at with less enthusiasm.

Usefulness- Do not purchase favors that you do not foresee guests using. There are party favors that are really cute to look at but their only purpose will be to collect dust on a shelf or see the inside of a trashcan as soon as they are taken home.

Baby Shower Favor Ideas:

The favor serves to thank guests for attending and celebrating with the expectant mother and can also be made into cute table decoration and centerpieces as well as make adorable game prizes that guests will enjoy. Here are some baby shower party favor Ideas to use to add to the baby shower party experience:

Homemade Baby Shower Favors
If you enjoy making crafts then consider handmade baby shower favors. Guests will enjoy a favor all the more when they know you put the effort into making it yourself. There are a number of the baby shower favor ideas to choose from that are quite easy to make.

Unique Baby Shower Favors
Guests love oohing over those ever so cute unique favors. Purchase these online from a party store or local bridal or craft shops.
Personalized baby shower favors are the perfect way to add a unique touch to favor idea. Some of the best favors I have seen are those that were purchased and packaged with a personalized tag, wrapping or card with a cute little poem or saying.

Ideas for Cheap Baby Shower Favors
View our selection of fairly inexpensive baby shower party favor ideas that can be conveniently found in stores and are complimentary to most baby shower themes.

Twin Baby Shower Favors
Twins baby showers are extra special so you will need extra special twin baby shower favor ideas such as twin soaps set, pen and notebook garden packs pocket size brush and comb

Baby Shower Prizes and Favors
Cute party favors such as baby bottle filled with candy can be given as baby shower game gifts.

Baby Shower Centerpieces and Favors

Party favors are usually small and cute and that is why shower hostesses love to display them as the perfect table decorations or table centerpieces. Candy filled baby bottles is a cheap and popular baby shower favor you will see at a lot of baby shower party as table decorations.

Consider using decorative votive candles, basket of candy, chocolate or other goodies, fresh flowers,edible baby shower favors like cookies laid out on a plate and anything else that is appealing to the eye that guests would love to take home as keepsake.

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