African American Baby Shower Game

Use African American Baby Shower Games if you would like to include or celebrate your culture with the upcoming baby.

I once went to a baby shower that was held in February where the expectant mother was african american and so she decided to celebrate being african american and being a mother at the same time by playing african american games.

Generally any type of baby shower game can be played if mom-to-be is african american.

Play african american games if you think mom-to-be would like that personalized touch to the shower.

We know it can be hard finding african american baby shower games so below you will find some fun and unique african american games to play and dont be afraid to create your own.

Choose a Fun African American Baby Shower Game From Below:

Black Celebrity Moms

Make a list of black celebrity moms and the name of their children. Moms can be found in music, television, sports, etc.These women are always seen with their kids up and around. Have guests match the mother with the child and the person that has the most correct answers win. Below is a list of names you can use:

  1. Nia Long - Massai
  2. Christina Milan -Violet
  3. Halle Berry - Nahla
  4. Jennifer Hudson - David
  5. Alicia Keys - Egypt
  6. Solange Knowles - Daniel
  7. Yolanda Adams - Taylor
  8. Tisha Campbell Martin - Xen
  9. Mo'nique - Shalon
  10. Regina King - Ian
  11. Vanessa Williams - Sasha
  12. Jada Pinkett Smith - Willow

Powerful Black Mothers

Make a list of all the powerful black moms that you know and create a quiz to have guests try to guess who the person is.This baby shower game would serve to show you that being a powerful black woman and a powerful mom can go hand in hand.For example, this powerful black woman is the mother of two and is first lady of the United States. Answer: Michelle Obama

Power House Black Couples

If you are having a coed shower or a shower with a large group then, this african american baby shower game is the perfect ice breaker.Make name tags of Famous black couples and give them out randomly to guests as they arrive.

Let each guest know that the objective of the game is to mingle and interact with other guests until they find their power house couple other half. They are not allowed to ask directly what is the name on their backs. For Example if someone has the name of Will Smith on his back then the other guest can say well I liked your movies, especially the one where you killed all those alians.

Guess Who, African American Game

Brush up on your black history with this baby shower who is who. After all you will need to know your facts to pass on to your little one about his/her heritage a little ways down the road. Make a quiz about influential and historical black figures. The list below should get you started:

  • She devoted her life to women's rights and changed her name from Isabella Baumfree- Sojourner Truth
  • She was instrumental in the escape of slaves through the underground railway to Canada and North America- Harriet Tubman
  • The first African American to win 4 gold medals at the olympic games in Berlin- Jesse owens
  • First African American to win an Acadamy Award- Sidney Poitier
  • This civil rights leader delivered the famous "I have a dream speech"- Martin Luther King Jr

African American Baby Name Game

Are you looking for a strong african american name for your little one? Then play this african american game to help pick the perfect name for your baby.

Give each player pen and paper and tell them to list the name of every powerful and influential african american they can think of or original african names and their meanings. The person that has the most names which are not duplicated by other guests wins the game.

A Poem For Mommy

This is a touching african american baby shower game for mom. Tell guests to write a poem about the expectant mother by describing her with qualities similar to famous and powerful black people of note. Mom can pick the winner by having everyone read their poem aloud. She can also keep the poem in her baby book or even frame it to remind her how strong and wonderful she is.

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