Fun Baby Shower Diaper Game

A baby shower diaper game is usually a fun favorite after all when people think of babies, one of the many things they think of first is diapers...smelly diapers, changing diapers, poopie diapers and the list goes on.

Lots of moms and baby shower hosts use diaper games to get a good supply of diapers for the new baby. Throwing a diaper shower is a pleasant diaper surprise especially if the guest of honor is having twins or expecting a baby that is not her first.

Browse this selection of baby shower diaper games for lots of diaper fun and laughter.

Enjoy a Baby Shower Diaper Game

Diaper Raffle
Having a diaper raffle at the shower is a cool way of getting some much needed diapers for the mom-to-be and is a fun door prize game for guests to enjoy.

Baby Shower Dirty Diaper Game
Enjoy this crazy poopie diaper game, it will have guests laughing and feeling gross at he same time. Make sure to have your camera ready!

Diaper Changing Games
Have you ever changed a baby? If not, then this baby shower game will teach you how. Hey let mommy play to get some practice in, she will be doing it full

What's In The Diaper Bag?

How reliable are your senses? Put you guests to the test with this diaper bag game and see. Put several baby items in a diaper bag such as a bib, pacifier, etc. Blindfold each player and have them feel inside the diaper bag and guess as many items as possible. The guest with the most items wins and the mommy-to-be can take the diaper bag and its contents as a gift.

Pin The Diaper

Before the shower draw a baby on a poster board and make a miniature diaper from paper or napkin. Blindfold each player and spin them around and then tell them to pin the diaper on the baby. The person that pins the diaper the closest to the baby's bottom wins the prize.

Diaper Race

Break up players into teams of two and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Set a stop watch of 2-3 minutes and tell them that whoever makes the best looking diaper is the winner.

Another way to play this game is to make the diaper on the person while they are sitting down. When you finish making the diaper tell them to stand and the person whose diaper not only looks the best but stays up will be the winner

Diaper Cake Guess

Use a diaper cake not only as a great gift and centerpiece but to play fun games as well. The host will ask guests to guess how many diapers make up the diaper cake or to name 5 or more items in the diaper cake and so on. The more extravagant and creative the diaper cake the more items guests can try to identify.

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