Baby Shower Planning Guide for Planning a Fun Baby Shower

Baby shower Planning can be overwhelming. You want to plan a fun and memorable event for mommy and her guests but when there is so much to do and consider you might wonder where to start.

We have made it easy for you by dotting all your i's and crossing all your t's so that planning the baby shower will be a breeze. Ok lets get started...

baby shower planning

So you want to throw a baby shower for your friend, relative or co-worker?
The first thing you need to do is grab your pen and paper and meet with the expectant mother.

You want to make this a special and memorable day for her, so try to get as much information on what she likes and would want at the shower.

Here are some baby shower planning questions you might want to ask the Mom-to-be:

  1. What type of shower would she like? Big family shower or small intimate shower with her friends or even a coed shower with the expectant dad.
  2. What time and date would be more convenient for her.
  3. Does she have a preference on where she wants the shower to be held.
  4. Will she be getting other baby showers?
  5. Who does she want to invite? Get contact information of all the persons.
  6. Where is she registered? If she does not already have a baby shower registry set up then you can assist her in getting it started.

Planning a Baby Shower- Step by Step

Guest list

First things first. Your guest list is important since your budget is largely affected by how many guests you have to accommodate. So ask the mommy to be to give you a detail guest list of all persons she will like to attend.

Make sure to get full names, telephone numbers, mailing addresses and email addresses.


Now that you have an idea of the number of people that may be attending you can now factor in food, location, favors and other baby shower supplies.

Prioritizing your expenses will manage your spending and keep your baby shower planning on target. Here are some tips to help you plan the baby shower on a budget.

Location of Shower

In picking a venue for the shower the first thing you need to consider is the number of guests you will have to accommodate comfortably. If you have the space then you can host the shower at your home at no cost.

However if you have a very large guest list then you might want to consider hosting the party at a banquet hall or reserve a venue big enough.

Make sure to choose a location that will be amendable to your needs for instance if using a restaurant some restaurants may have restrictions on length of time and decorations also not all guests feel comfortable attending a restaurant especially if its an expensive one.

Choose a time that is convenient to you and the expectant mother. Baby showers are usually held on weekends when most guests will have the weekend off from work. If you choose to have the baby shower during the week then its best to start the evening so guests have a chance to drop by after work.

The Theme

To theme or not to theme?...Deciding on a theme will make your baby shower planning more organized since you will have a central idea to plan around.

It will be much easier when planning the menu, decorations and games if you have a theme to work with. If you are wondering what kind of theme to go with, you might want to consider if the mom to be is having a boy or girl, the expectant mothers tastes or the theme of the nursery if she has one.

Amy over at cutest baby shower ideas has over 50 really adorable baby shower themes to inspire you


Baby shower Invites should be sent out as soon as possible so that guests have enough time to reserve the date and prepare. Choose a invitation that reflects the theme of the shower, that way guests can get an idea of what kind of baby shower to look forward to. Include all the pertinent information like date, time, location, directions and who to RSVP to.

You want to include special asks such as diaper raffles or if they should bring a book  instead of a card.


Decorating the party will transform a simple space into a baby shower celebration. The decorations usually reflects the theme and even indicate the sex of the baby. You can purchase theme decorations or make your own. Don't forget the centerpiece!


Planning a baby shower menu can be overwhelming for some, but it doesn't have to be if you keep it simple.

Choose food for the expectant mom not just guests. The amount of time and money you have will largely affect your menu choices as well.

Games and Activities

Games and activities are a must if you do not want an awkward and boring celebration. Games break the ice where guests are not acquainted with each other and offer fun entertainment for guests.

We have over 100 baby shower games and  baby shower activities for you to keep everyone entertained.


Favors are a way to say thank you for coming and that guests were appreciated. Favors also serve as a reminder to guest of the baby shower. Make sure to give each guest a favor at the end of or during the shower.The best favors are those that guests will likely have use for, such as soaps, makeup, gadgets, etc.

Free Printable baby shower Checklist

baby shower checklist

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