Baby Shower Agenda

The baby Shower On Track

Planning a baby shower agenda will help keep everything running according to plan during the baby shower party.
As the hostess you will have your hands full making sure everyone is comfortable and everything is going smoothly.

You did all the prep work for the big day and now its time for all your hard work to come together but you still have the day to get through and that means that you need an agenda for the days events.

It is a good idea to have a baby shower timeline ready from the moment the guests arrive to the time you to bid them goodbye. This wayyou will ensure that guests are entertained and having a fun time.

A baby shower is usually 2 to 3 hours long. This is more than enough time to mingle, have some tasty treats and open presents.Any longer and the expectant mother might start to tire.

Use this baby shower schedule of events as a guide for planning so things do not run too long or end too soon because of lack of coordination.

Baby Shower Schedule of events

  • Mom to be arrives and is comfortably seated
  • Guests arrive and are greeted by hostess; advice guests where to place gifts
  • Introduce guests and start on any ice breaker activities you may have planned
  • Put out food and beverages for guests to partake
  • Play games or activities have planned
  • Open gifts
  • Have dessert
  • Mingle, take pictures and wrap up

Feel free to adjust the the baby shower adgenda to include activities you like or to include last minute tasks.

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