Baby Shower Trivia Game

Baby Shower Trivia Game can be a fountain of knowledge as well as fun for mommy and your baby shower guests. Get your guests to scratch their heads figuring out these fun facts.

When it comes to choosing baby shower trivia questions the possibilities are endless. Lots of baby showers for couples see hostesses using parents trivia.For an all girls party its all about mommy with mommy trivia on what mommy would say and do.

Create your own pregnancy, parenting or baby trivia games with these helpful ideas.

Couples Trivia

Want to get a laugh out of seeing the parents to be fumble over questions about each other? Then this game is just what you are looking for. Compose two sets of questions, one for the mom to be and the other for the dad to be.

Give each a paper with the questions to fill in and then collect the sheet from each when they are finished and let the games begin!

Have the parents to be sit side by side and then quiz the mom from dad to be's question sheet to see how much she knows her husband. Do the same thing with dad. You will be surprised at the answers. Questions can be about how to discipline the child and what schools should the child attend etc.Download a free version of this game here

To view this free printable game you must have adobe reader installed on your computer. If you don't have adobe reader then you can download the latest free version Here. It will open in a new window so you won't have to leave this site.

Baby Trivia

This is good fun for an all girls shower. Learn new and interesting information about baby and pregnancy. Download a free version of this game for your upcoming baby shower.

Ladies VS Gentlemen Baby Shower Trivia Game

This is a variation to the couples trivia game but this one involves pitting the guys against the girls. Break up players into two teams with all girls on one team and all guys on the other and ask each team questions about childcare, parenting and so on.The guys will have something to prove by trying to out answer the ladies.
You will need to have a time keeper with a stop watch and give each team thirty seconds to answer a question or the question goes to the other team. The team with the most correct answers at the end wins a great prize.


How well do you know the parents-to-be? Play the mommy-daddy trivia game and find out.

Celebrity Baby Shower Trivia Game

Have you notice how weird and unique celebrity parents can be naming their children. Test your guests to see if they can match the celebrity baby with their parents, eg What did Courtney Cox name her baby girl? Coco.

Or you can quiz your guests on celebrities with famous children too. Eg Goldie Hawn= Kate Hudson, Jon Voight= Angelina Jolie.

Nursery Rhyme Baby Trivia Game

Do you remember your nursery rhymes? This baby shower trivia game will quiz your guests on popular nursery rhymes. Prepare questions using lines from popular nursery rhymes and watch your guests scratch there heads trying to remember which nursery rhyme its taken from.
Here are a couple questions to get you started:

1. Who did Jill come tumbling after? Jack
2. Which nursery rhyme contains the line "it followed her to school one day"? Mary had a little lamb

Bible Baby Shower Trivia Game

Quiz your guests about popular bible stories and get a refresher course while you are at it. Use stories such as Daniel in the lion's den and David and Goliath.

Here are some sample questions to get you started:
How long was Jonah in the whale's belly?
Who was thrown into the lions den?
What is the name of the person who built the ark?
What did David slay Goliath with?

Baby Safety Quiz

Give the new mom some good advice about child proofing and safety. This will be invaluable to her while making for a fun game.

Research and prepare questions about child safety and baby proofing. Some moms will be good at it, while some will leave wondering how come they got that answer wrong.

Mommy Trivia

The mommy trivia game can be used as a fun icebreaker game or just celebrate mommy with a trivia of her own and see which friend has bragging rights with the who knows mommy best trivia game

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