Fun Baby Food Game
For Baby Showers

Have Fun playing one of our creative baby food game at your baby shower. Their are feeding contest, baby food tasting, food races and a whole host of other baby shower games with food as their theme ,yummy!

If you are hosting a coed shower most of these food games are challenging enough that the guys will enjoy playing them. No matter which game you choose mom-to-be and her friends will have a hoot playing and watching, so get your cameras ready.

Pick a Baby Food Game:

Baby Food Tasting Game
Guests are treated to various baby food with the hope that they can guess the particular baby food from each jar. This baby food game is a mouthful of fun.

Baby Shower Feeding Games
The Feeding game will be messy but fun. Guests are asked to feed each other in various ways and to make sure they make very little mess in the process. If you have guys t the shower then make sure to include them in this game.

Baby Bottle Race
Give each player a bottle filled with milk or whatever beverage you would like to use. Inform them that on your word "go" theyshould race to finish their bottle. The guest that finishes all the contents in he bottle is the winner.

Baby Shower Dirty Diaper Game
This baby food game is a sure fun since it involves lots of candies, candied diapers that is. Guests will have to use theirsenses to guess the particular candy in the diaper.

Baby Shower Pins in Rice Game
This is an easy prep game. All you need to do is get two bowls, fill one with rice and mix in some small safety pins and make sure they are evenly distributed in the rice. Blindfold the first player and let them put one hand behind their back.Instruct her that she has 1 minute to find as many safety pins and put them in the second bowl. Play with a number of guests, the guest that got the most pins withing the 1 minute is the winner.

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game
How to play my water broke baby shower game. This cute and fun baby shower game that works great as an ice breaker.

Candy Baby Bottle Guess
Fill a baby bottle with candies such as M&Ms. At the baby shower guests are encouraged to guess the number of candies in the bottle. The person that guesses exactly the number of candies or come close to the actual number in the bottle gets it all.

Baby Food Race
The baby food Race is especially fun when played by guys. Give each player a baby bib and a jar of baby food with a small spoon. Inform them that they have to eat all the baby food in the jar and the person that finishes first is the winner. Make sure to get a variety of baby food but try not to use the most popular ones with only one hand they cannot hold the jar at any time. The guest that finishes his baby food wins.

Nursery rhyme baby food game
If you are hosting a nursery rhyme themed shower then this baby food game with be fun creative game to play. All you need to do is make dishes based on a particular nursery rhyme, for instance pumpkin pie for Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater or a cheese tray that would represent Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme.
Tell guess to view the displayed food and write down what nursery rhyme goes for what dish with the paper and pen providedto them.

Baby Food Trivia
If mom to be is a first time mom then this is a very fun and useful baby shower game. Create a baby food trivia game by making a list of questions about baby feeding options, tips and tricks to feeding babies. You can also include questions on when can babies start on solids and other types of food.

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