Fun Baby Shower Feeding Games

Your guests will enjoy playing any of these baby shower feeding games. How long has it been since you've had baby food?

Remind them of the mouth watering goodness of baby food and introduce them to a variety of flavors or all the new brands of baby food these days. If you are having a couples shower then this game will be enjoyed by all.

Baby shower feeding games are sure to get messy so do not play around furniture that can be stained or damaged by food.

You may want to also wrap towels around players or give them shirts that can be messed up.

You will need:
Blindfold for each team
Jar of baby food for each team
Chairs for each player

How to play the Baby Shower Feeding Game
Break up players into teams of 2. Arrange their chairs so that each team sits facing each other.

They should be close enough to touch knees. Put a bib on one guest and blindfold the other and give him or her a jar of baby food and a spoon.

Tell each team that the blindfolded partner is to feed the other guest without making too much of a mess. The person being fed cannot use their hands at all. Stop them at two minutes and the team that made the less mess is the winner.

If you want to make this game more challenging then blindfold all the players, that way the person being fed will not see whats coming. Playing this version may be more messier but a lot more fun.

A variation to this game is the baby feeding race- This is much the same as the baby feeding game with the only difference being that the team that finishes all their baby food first is the winner.

Double Gobble
This is the most nuttiest of all baby feeding games. To play this baby feeding game have both guests blindfolded and sit facing each other. Give each guest a jar of baby food and a spoon. The object of the game is to give each team two minutes to feed each other simultaneously without making too much mess. The cleanest pair will be the winner.

Game prizes can be a little goodie bag to freshen up with. Pack it with items like hand soaps, lotion, mini toothpaste, breathe mints, wipes, Kleenex, etc.

Take a look at this funny food feeding game to see how other baby shower guests enjoy this game:

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