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The Many Types Of Baby Showers

Our Society has evolved in such a way that you find many different types of baby showers popping up and gaining popularity from the traditional baby shower for just mom and her lady friends.
Showers are now being planned based on the occasion, situation or group of people connected to the birth of a new baby.

The various types of baby showers can be used as individual themes by themselves since they focus on a specific need, for example the twin baby shower can be a stand alone theme that would suit the occasion where a woman is expecting multiple births.

Whatever the circumstance for throwing a baby shower just remember that its a celebration to commemorate the birth of a new life and to prepare parents, family members and friends for the wonderful new addition.

Here is a list of the different Types of Baby Showers:

Mommy shower- This is the most common baby shower type celebrated. This is the traditional baby shower for mom and her close lady friends. The women gather to prepare, pamper and shower the expectant mother with baby gifts and advice. This type of baby shower will see the women going all out with theme, decorations and favors. Play all the girly baby shower games you want here because there are no guys around to worry about.

Baby Sprinkle- A Baby shower sprinkle is appropriate when mom to be is expecting a baby which is not her first. If the expectant parents already have a child or children, then they may already have basic baby supplies such as crib, car seat baby clothes and so on. In such a case mom-to-be may not want or need a full blown baby shower. This baby shower type allows friends and family to Sprinkle the baby with gifts that the mom to be can never have too much of such as diaper formula, baby toys, etc.

Sip and See Types of Baby Showers- These types of baby showers are becoming more popular with moms these days. A sip and see is held after the baby is born and so guests gets a chance to meet the new baby.

Couples Baby Shower- This type of baby shower is for both the mom and dad-to-be. The daddy-to-be gets to invite his friends and both the sexes gets to celebrate the birth of the new baby. When planning a couples baby shower it's important to bear in mind the needs of the men since you would not wish to embarrass them or bore them with too much lady talk or girlie stuff.

Surprise Baby Shower- If mom-to-be is the type that loves surprises then a surprise type of baby shower will be fun to plan. However there are a few obstacles to consider when planning this shower, like the fact that mom can go into early labor or making sure she does not get wind of the surprise. It can be tricky but worthwhile.

Adoption Baby Shower- This type of shower offers the perfect setting to celebrate the new addition with the adoptive parents. This shower is usually held after the parents bring the new baby home.

Daddy Shower- Moms are no longer the only ones getting the spotlight when there is going to be a new baby. Dads now are getting their own baby shower to celebrate the new baby. This is way past due as the expecting mother was not the only one there when the baby was conceived.

Grandma Baby Shower- A shower that is on the rise is the grandma baby shower or the grandparents shower. Yes becoming a grandmother for the first time is a big deal for women. They are excited that their baby is having a baby and it is like a rite of passage that they have indeed done well by their children.

Family Baby Shower- A new baby being born into the family is cause for everyone to celebrate with a family baby shower. The aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandparents will all be apart of the baby's life, contributing in some way and they are all happy that there will be a new addition to the brood.

Long Distance Baby Shower- This type of shower is also know as virtual baby shower. A Long distance baby shower is most effective when mom to be is far away from her friends and family, maybe she is in another country or city and unable to travel or visit with her loved ones. There are many ways that she can get the full baby shower experience even if she is far away.

Office Baby Shower- Co-workers are like family so it should not come as a surprise that they would want to throw a baby shower for an expectant mother or father. Baby shower types such as this is called an office shower. This shower is perhaps the most low keyed but it is a thoughtful gesture that the mom or dad-to-be will appreciate.

Twin Baby Shower
Parents finding out they are having multiple births such as twins is an even bigger cause for celebration. The new parents will certainly appreciate getting this type of baby shower since they will need all the help they can get.

Get ideas for planning a twin baby shower here, including games, favors and theme ideas

Scrapbook Baby Shower- This type of baby shower is a fun way to combine mom-to-be and her friends passion for scrap-booking with celebrating the new baby. This is especially useful if this is not mommy's first pregnancy and she wants to mark the birth of the new baby in a unique way. Women gather and prepare scrapbook pages for mom while talking about all the girl stuff they want such as babies, pregnancy and family.

Blessingway- This is a spiritual celebration of the new life that the mom to be is bringing into the world. There is no emphasis on gift giving as with the other types of baby showers. A mother blessing as it is otherwise called is a commemoration of a woman's journey into motherhood. Although there are no baby shower games at a blessingway their are many kinds of activities that can be used to celebrate this event.

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