Baby Shower Hostess Gift

A baby shower hostess gift is a small gesture that shows how appreciative you are that she put together the baby shower for you.

That special friend or family member shares your joy when you said you were pregnant and thought nothing of throwing a baby shower for you to get some well needed baby supplies, while celebrating the impending birth of your baby.

She went to the troubling of organizing food, decorations, guests all to make sure you have a memorable day. She hosted the party with dignity and cheer so what gift can you possible give her to show how grateful you are?

A shower hostess gift does not have to be extravagant or expensive. Often the simplest gifts makes the biggest statement. Get her something she will appreciate or is meaning to get for herself for a long time. If she is a tea drinker get her new or special brands of tea. Just make sure to make the gift as personal as possible by getting her something she will like.

Your baby shower hostess was only to happy to plan your baby shower and she will no doubt enjoy any of he gift ideas below.

Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas:

  • Bake her a cake with a thank you poem on it
  • Gift certificate to a spa or to her favorite store
  • Movie rentals
  • Bottle of wine and some chocolate to unwind after any stress she might have endured while planning the shower.
  • Flower arrangements are always nice she can enjoy the beauty and fragrance for a few days yet.
  • Order a months supply of her harlequin or series novel if she is an avid reader
  • Take her out to dinner just the two of you at her favorite place.
  • Herbal tea or coffee
  • Fruit basket if you take them from your own garden even better
  • Starbucks giftcard
  • Godiva chocolate or other candy
  • Nice handmade jewelry, if you can make your own or personalize it with her name even better
  • Gift basket from bath and body works or other gift baskets that you may see that are discounted.
  • Baby Shower Hostess Gift For Grandma Throwing the Shower

    So grandma insisted on throwing you a baby shower. Show her how much you appreciate her very grand gesture buy surprising her with one of these thoughtful, useful and cute grandma baby shower gift:

    I Love My Grandma Brag Book This great gift album will be a joy to grandma to brag to her friends. Great way to hold memories for grandma and baby.

    Grandma Large Photo Tote Bag. Hold photos that grandma can share with everyone. Can double as a diaper bag when grandma goes out with the baby or just fill it with baby sitting stuff and hand to grandma for when the baby goes for a visit.

    I Love My Grandma Photo FrameThis is the perfect gift that she will love to display prominently for family and friends to see.

    Baby Shower Grandma-to-Be Sash Becoming a grandma is a right of passage so what a great way to show off grandma's new role to the world than with the grandma sash. Will also make her feel honored at the baby shower party

    Make a gift basket for baby's first night over with grandma. Include a soft fleece blanket, l love grandma onesie, baby body wash and a bottle bank with brush, comb, rattle, diapers and wipes and any other useful baby item you thing she will need. Super cute gift she will love.

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