Play A Christian Baby Shower Game

If your Guest of honor is a christian then I am sure she would appreciate you including a christian baby shower game to the baby shower festivities. If you are planning a Christian Baby Shower where most or all of your guests are christians even better.

These baby shower games are really fun and interesting so that even non-christians will enjoy them.

Go back in time and try to recall those sunday school lessons or children praise songs and more.

Bible Baby Shower Game
Babies in the bible trivia game. Instruct guests to answer as many questions about babies in the bible and their parents, the guest with the most answer is the game winner.

Mothers in the Bible
Mothers in the bible matching game is a fun bible baby shower game that can be used as an icebreaker for your next christianbaby shower.

Do you know the ten commandments?

Break the ice with this christian baby shower game. Before the shower make a list of the ten commandments depending on how many guests you will have make duplicates so that each guest gets a commandment.As guests arrive pin a commandment on their backs and tell them they need to go around introducingthemselves by giving their names and saying the commandment they think they have pinned on them. They should continue doing this until someoneconfirms that he/she got it right.

Babies in the Bible

There are a lot of baby stories in the bible that would make a fun baby shower game. You can make a list of babies and their biblical significance for eg When he was born three wise men brought him gifts-Jesus.I am sure you can spin this game to make it your very own.

Bible Charades

Take your regular game of charades and give it a christian baby shower game twist.

Break up players into two teams and decide on a time limit, use 2 to 3 minutesso it does not stretch out too much. Each team should write something related to a bible story or about a baby/child in the bible on a sheet of paper.

Tell everyone to fold their paper to hide the writing, each team then places their paper in a separate bowl. The game starts off when one team member picks a paper from the other teams bowlread the contents then without speaking give signals to their team for them to try andguess what he has.

Stop when someone guesses it right or time runs out. Sit and the other team getsa go. Continue playing until all the clues are completed then add up the number of correct guesses per teamand the team with the most correct guesses wins.

Bible Bingo

Use your regular baby bingo game and adopt it to make it a christian baby shower game called bible bingo.

Give guests bingo cards and tell them to fill in a the name of babies and parents or popular figures in thebible. As the host calls out names drawn from a hat the player that gets five words in a row includingthe center free square shouts "bingo" and wins a prize.

Special Verse

For those of us who have had children and for even those of you who don't, you know that while having a baby is rewarding it can also be stressful. Give the mom some pearls of wisdom and a bible verse tohelp her through those rough patches when she is feeling overwhelmed. Do this by putting outa little advice book so that everyone can add their own thoughts for mom and their bible verse.

Saint Who? Christian Baby Shower Game

Am I a Saint? What saint am I? tag each person with the name of a saint on the back of their shirt and tell them to ask a series of questions of other guests to figure out which saint they are.

Noah's Ark

Everybody knows that Noah brought all the animals into the ark, but can you name one animal per letter ofthe alphabet? You can make this hard or as easy as you like by giving them the name of an animal that they can't use or tell them to write down 3-5 animals for each letter.

Baby Bible Verse

How well do you know your bible Scriptures. Tell guests to write downas many bible verses as they can that refers to baby, childrenor parenting. The guest with the most bible verse wins a prize.

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