Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game

A Baby shower nursery rhyme game will come in handy pretty soon so help mom get some practice by playing a nursery rhyme game at her shower. If the mom to be is considering a nursery rhyme theme for the baby's room then a nice tie in would be to throw a nursery rhyme baby shower for her.

Nursery rhymes teach children that anything is imaginable so have fun playing these games and remember what its like to be a kid again. Don't be ashamed if you can't remember all the nursery rhymes just have fun!

Choose A Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game to Play:

Nursery Rhyme Quiz
Playing this baby shower nursery rhyme quiz game is a fun way to find out who really knows their nursery rhyme. See people stumble and trip or even make up their own nursery rhymes.

Fill in the Nursery Rhyme Word

This baby shower nursery rhyme game is played by making a list of lines from nursery rhymes and children's song and strategically take out a word from eachnursery rhyme and replace it with a blank space(s). Tell your guests they have 3 minutes to fill in the blank spaceswith the correct word to complete the rhyme.

1. All the ________ horses and all the king's men.
2. And one for the little ________ who lives down the lane.
3. Fee! Fie! Foe! ________!
4. You put your right foot in, and you ________ shake it all about.
5. Georgie Porgie, puddin' and pie, kissed the girls and made them ________.
6. An ________ a day send the ________ away.
7. Rub-a-dub-dub, ________ men in a tub.
8. See how they run! They all ran after a ________ wife.
9. His wife could eat no ________.
10.Here we go round the ________ bush.

Answers:1.king's 2.boy 3.fum 4.shake 5.cry, doctor 7.three 8.farmer's 9.lean 10.mulberry

Name that Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme! Game
This is an all time favorite baby shower nursery rhyme game. Think you remember all the nursery rhymes?I bet you and your guests will have to be on top of your game to figure these out.Print this nursery rhyme game and see how many of your guests can guess the rhyme in a short time.

Nursery Rhyme Bingo

Before the shower make a list of all the nursery rhymes you can think of, most likely these will be the popular ones.Cut out the names of each nursery rhyme and place them in a bowl.

Place a blank nursery rhyme bingo game card on each seat with instructions for them to fill in the name of a nursery rhyme in each grid. When it's time to play, call out the name of each nursery rhyme. The player that gets all the nursery rhyme diagonally, vertically or horizontally shouts Bingo and is the winner. Continue playing until you called out all the nursery rhymes.

Nursery Rhyme Scramble

To play this baby shower nursery rhyme game you will need to prepare a few nursery rhymes and cut out each word of the nursery rhyme and place each nursery rhyme into separate bags. Break up players into teams and give each team a bag with the cutout words of the nursery rhyme and tell each team they have 3 minutes to put all the words together to complete their nursery rhyme.

The team that finishes first will read out their nursery rhyme. If you have quite a few teams then you can have a second and a third place winner. When I played this game at a baby shower the host added a few extra words with the aim of throwing us off, this made it more challenging since a team will complete their rhyme and is stuck wondering where does the odd word fit in. It was hilarious.

Humpty Dumpty Race

Humpty Dumpty is a classic nursery rhyme that most adults recited as a child in pre-school. Since children always found it funny why not make it in a fun action baby shower game.

You will need:6 eggs
6 tablespoons
a table with an empty egg tray
an obstacle course

Before the shower get 6 eggs and use a marker to write a smiley face on each. Get 6 wooden spoons or regular tablespoon for the contestants. The objective of the game is to race with the egg on the spoon to place in the tray without dropping the egg.The catch is that they should get through the obstacle course that you had prepared. The first person that makes it over the line and puts humpty down in the tray wins.

Players are only allowed to use one hand to hold and transfer the egg. If they switch hands or use both hands they loose.For the obstacle course use old boxes, garden rake and whatever else you can find around the house and yard.

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