Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower

Throwing a nursery rhyme baby shower can be a fanciful affair that brings back sweet memories of cats in hats and where cows can jump over the moon.

If the expecting mom is considering a nursery rhyme themed nursery for the baby then consider throwing her a nursery rhyme baby themed baby shower or just throw her one anyway for the fun of it.

Planning and hosting a nursery rhyme baby shower is not difficult as long as you mix those funny riddles and stories intothe mix of the party it is a sure way to give guests some giggles.

Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Theme

Consider this to be the central theme of the shower where you center everything around. So think of Mother goose stories, playing nursery rhyme tunes in the background. Tell guests theyare free to get gifts that are associated with nursery rhyme for the baby and the nursery.

Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Invitations

The nursery rhyme invitations will let your guests know right off the bat the type of baby shower they should expect.Make your own cute nursery rhyme invitations by just adding a mother goose picture to the frontor any nursery rhyme figure of your choice. To finish off the invitation, just add a baby shower rhyme. If you don't want to make your own then you can have your local printery shop design some cute ones for you.

Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Decorations

When choosing decorations for nursery rhyme you want to mimic a whimsical atmosphere so go with lots of bright color such as greens oranges, yellows, blues for balloons, streamers, table clothes, napkin and so on.

You can purchase nursery rhyme plates, cups and napkins and other nursery rhyme decorations at online stores.Use your old nursery rhyme books or borrow some from friends an use them as table decorations and guests can read through and reminisce of their favorite childhood nursery rhyme or song.

Download and cut out some nursery rhyme pictures and paste them around the room. If you can afford to, order or make a special nursery rhyme theme diaper cake and use it as the table centerpiece and as a lovely gift to the expectant mother.


Having a nursery rhyme inspired menu is a sure way to wow your guests. This could be the most fun part in planning your shower. Think back to all those nursery rhymes that had food in them like Peter Peter Pumpkin eater or Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-cake and make dishes to signify the the rhymes.

You can even have a little contest for guests to tell you which nursery rhyme inspired what dish and ask persons to guess for a little extra treat. Guests will be marveling over your creativeness.

Here are a few ideas for some nursery rhyme themed food:
  • Little cupcakes for pat-a-cake pat-a-cake
  • Vegetable trays for A carrot in the garden or leaves are falling
  • Ice cream for I scream, You Scream...
  • Cheese tray for Little miss muffet or green cheese yellow laces
  • Meatball and spaghetti for on top of spaghetti
  • Pumpkin pie for Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
  • Cold Cuts tray For Robin the bobbin the big bellied Ben
  • A Pie for Simple Simon met a pieman


After guests have had their fun don't let them leave without their very own nursery rhyme favor to remember the shower by. try to be as creative as possible by adding little nursery rhymes or nursery rhyme characters to whatever favors you choose such as;

  • Mugs
  • little scented candles wrapped with ribbons that has a Little nursery rhyme riddle on it and the date of the shower
  • Specialty teas with an I'm a little teapot card
  • Little figurines with nursery rhyme on them
  • Anything you can think of and just add a little nursery rhyme touch!

    Here are some baby shower games for your nursery rhyme baby shower

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