New Baby Shower Games
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New Baby Shower Games

These fun new baby shower games will give you fresh entertainment ideas for your party. You may be hosting a baby shower with some veteran baby shower guests invited who probably have played the poopy diaper or bingo game a few times too many. You may be wondering how you will impress these ladies with some fun fab and fresh entertainment.

It can be difficult to find new and unique baby shower games that is why we put our brains to work and game up with some of our own.

Fun New Baby Shower Games List

Whats mommy wearing Memory Game
This is new twist on a popular game that shower guests will find funny and engaging. Quietly ask the mom to be to leave the room. Give each guest a sheet of paper and pencil and tell them to write everything they can remember about the guest of honor's outfit. They should be as specific as possible by telling:
-The color dress or top
-Type of shoes
-Whether her hair is up or down

Baby Conception
We all know how the baby was made but its not always easy. This funny baby shower game lets you use toilet paper and plunger to see how the baby was conceived.

The new baby shower games such as this is played by breaking up players in teams of 2. Ask 1 team member to place the roll of toilet paper between their knees while the other team member will place the plunger with the stick sticking out in front between their knees. They should stand some distance away from each other.
When you say go the persons with the plunger should race to get the plunger stick through the roll of toilet paper without holding onto the other person. If the toilet paper or the plunger fall at any time that team is disqualified. Can be playedby young and old but is especially funny at couples shower.

Bubble Gum Game Or the gum game makes the list for our funny new baby shower games because guests really enjoy seeing the expectant mother caught with her mouth full.
The game is played by asking the mom to be some trivia questions about the dad-to-be or whatever questions you prepare. For each incorrect answer she has to pop a piece gum in her mouth. The more questions she gets wrong the more full her mouth will be. This game is hilarious and will be enjoyed by all guests. You can play with the dad-to-be or even the grandma-to-be. Make sure to have the camera in hand to capture the fun!

Baby Shower Hostess Trivia
You put a lot of energy into making mommy's special day extra special. But how much does she really know about her own shower?Make a list of 12 questions about the baby shower to ask mommy to be.

For each question that she gets correct she gets 1 small baby item such as a teddy bear or a baby rattle. For each question that she gets incorrect she has to sing a song with the word baby in it.

Some questions you can ask are:
-How many centerpieces are there?
-How many people are in attendance at the shower?
-Name all the items on the menu?
-Who was the first guest to arrive?
-Name a guest that is wearing the color pink or blue

Baby Portrait
The aim of this game is for guests to create a portrait of what they think the baby will look like.
You will need to collect some old magazines. Break up players into teams or play individually if its not a very large shower. Give each guest scissors, magazine, paper and glue. They should cut out various features that they think the baby will have such as feet, eyes, hair, etc to make a portrait of the baby.

At the end of the game let mommy choose the portrait that she thinks the baby will look like or the picture that looks like her. She can put the picture in her scrapbook and the winner can get a cute little picture frame as a prize.

I am going on a baby shower trip game
This game is to test which of your guests know the most baby shower stuff as well as who has the best memory. Its funny and creative and that's why this game made our new baby shower games list.Have persons sit in the form of of a semi circle.

Have the mom to be start of by saying "I am going on a trip and I packed a alphabet chart" The next person in line will say "I am going on a trip and I packed alphabet chart and baby bottle" and it goes on...the person who forgets an item or cannot name an item for themselves drops out of the game. The last person remaining wins.

Baby Shower Bag Game
You will need small brown paper bags, 1 or 2 gifts for each baby shower letter

Take plain brown paper bags or colored gift bags and label each bag with a letter that spells out "B-A-B-Y S-H-O-W-E-R". Place a baby item that begins with that letter in each bag eg A can be an aspirator, B can be a baby monitor, etc. Secure the bag closed so that guests can't peak inside to see what the item is. Pass each bag around the room and ask each guest to write down what they think is in each bag by feeling through the bag. Ask the mommy-to-be open each bag to reveal what is inside. The person with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

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