Ditch Traditional &
Play A Unique Baby Shower Game

It can be hard finding a unique baby shower game.

Baby showers are known for their goofy but fun games. Are you one of those guests who wished you went to a baby shower that did not wrap you in toilet paper or give you horrid baby food to eat.

A Unique Baby Shower Game will keep your baby shower fresh and interesting. The games may still be a little goofy but at least you won't have to use toilet paper. Not for games anyway

List of Unique Baby Shower Games:

You Guessed Wrong

You will need:

  • paper, pencil

How to play:

If you or most of your guests are seasoned baby shower goers then the memory tray game is not new to you. Fool your guests by playing this version of the game instead.Put a few baby items on a tray for all the guests to see. Ask mom-to-be to leave the room quietly. Then when she has sneaked from the room tell your guests to name as many items about what mom to be is wearing. They should tell you her hair style, color shoes, jewelry and so on.. Give them a paper and pen to write down what they remember.

OR put your acting skills to the test with this unique version of the memory tray game. Make like you are preparing to read off a new game and say to your guests that you forgot or lost the baby pin, call the name of another guests and say that you saw her with a pin earlier. She will then come up with her purse and proceed to search for the pin by taking out everything in her purse. she can take out hairspray, lip gloss and so on. then after she finds the pin she will proceed to put back everything in her purse. When she is finished and back in her seat. Tell everyone that you are going to play what's in her purse game and they should write down everything they remembered seeing taken from the purse.You will hear a lot of groaning but it will sure keep them on their toes wondering what other games you have up your sleeve.

Baby Bottle Bowling

You will need:

  • baby bottle
  • long table
  • small ball

How to play:

On one end of a table place 8 to 10 baby bottles in a triangular shape. Give each player a tennis ball or a small ball and ask players to line up and roll the ball towards to bottles. Have someone keep score of players and give each player 1 point for each bottle knocked over.The person with the most point wins.

How Much Does Your Purse Weigh

If mom to be is a little self conscious of her baby bump or just doesn't want a whole line of people crowding to measure and touch her tummy, then this unique baby shower game will be a nice addition to the baby shower.We know as women we love to carry our purse loaded with the essentials and yes even the non essentials.Try to guess who has the heaviest purse and then use a scale to see which guest has the heaviest purse and give her a prize.

Pass the Bottle

All you need: is a baby bottle

This unique baby shower game will test your coordination. Give players a baby bottle and tell them to pass the baby bottle without using hands.Break up players into teams and give them a baby bottle. Let them know they will have to pass the bottle from one person to the next without using their hands. Also they should not usethe same body part to pass the bottle as the person that gave them the bottle.

Throwing Darts

You will need:

  • dart board
  • darts
  • picture of a baby face

How to play:

If you have a dart board or like playing darts then use this unique baby shower game of darts for fun. Works well if you have guys at your baby shower. Draw a baby face and paste it on a dart board. Tell them that they should try to feed the baby by getting the arrows straight to the baby's mouth. The guest that gets the dart in the mouth or the person whose dart goes the closest to the baby's mouth is the winner. Be careful because the guys might take this over board in their quest to best each other.

How Babies are Made

You will need:

  • plunger
  • roll of toilet paper

How to play:

I saw this game on youtube and I just had to add it. The gameis played by getting a plunger stick throw a roll of toilet paper. Thus mimicking how a baby is conceived.What makes this game a unique baby shower game is the factthat someone has to hold the plunger between their legs and try toget the stick throw the roll of tissue between the other player's legs. This is so funny. Watch!

Put the Pacifier in the Baby's Mouth

You will need:

  • chopsticks,
  • pacifiers( about 6)

How to play:

Divide players into two teams and have them stand side by side, give each team member a pair ofchopsticks. Tell them that they should pass the pacifier to the personbeside them using the chopstick as quick as possible to place it in the mouth of thelast person in line. If someone drops the chopstick then that team will have to start all over using a fresh pacifier.

Feeling For Clothespins

You will need:

  • 2 packs of Clothespins,
  • blindfolds

How to play:

This game allows men and women to get up close and personal. Get 2 dozen clothespins and break up players into pairs.Blindfold players as they stand back to back. Place the clothespins strategically all over their bodies such as in their hair, shirt sleeve, shoes and so on. Then tell them to turn around and give them 2 minutes to find as much clothespinsas possible by feeling for them on each other. With both players butting heads and groping each other at the same timeit might not be so easy to get all the clothespins.

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