Popular Baby Shower Games

Played and proven, these popular baby shower games are for the most part easy to play and are sure hit for party attendees.

They are easily identified by baby shower veterans who no doubt will never get tired of playing them no matter how often they are played.

popular baby shower games

Browse the list below to choose which will suit your intended guests. you can be sure when each person leaves they will have really hilarious pictures to share.

There is a variety of active games, newer games for the modern mom, games for the guys and everything in between.

Popular Baby Shower Games; Fun Favorites Your Guests Will Enjoy:

Baby Bottle Game
A baby bottle game is a fun favorite that can be played in so many different ways. A nice touch is that mommy can get more bottles to add to her supplies.

Baby Shower Purse Game
This popular baby shower game is a favorite for an all girls baby shower. Get all the ladies to empty their purses to see what little surprises are hiding inside.

Baby Animal Game
Baby Animal Game is a fun and easy game to add to the baby shower festivities. If it's an animal theme baby shower it will be the perfect game, especially if mom to be is an animal lover.

Baby Photo Guess Game
Who doesn't like looking at baby pictures. Let each person bring a baby picture of themselves and see if guests can guess who is who. This fun game will get everybody involved.

Baby Alphabet Game
Another popular game is the baby alphabet race. Give each guest a sheet of paper with the letters of the alphabet listed on it and let each guest race to name a baby item for each letter of the alphabet.

Celebrity Baby Name Game
Play the celebrity baby name game by instructing guests to match the celebrity babies with their parents. You won't believe some of the names celebrities choose for their bundle of joy.

Name That Tune Baby Shower Game
How fast can you name that tune with the word baby in it. This fun game will be enjoyed by the youngest and oldest of baby shower guests.

Play the Noah's Ark Game by naming the animal for each letter of the alphabet. Great game for Noah's Ark Theme shower, Animal shower or even christian baby shower.

Baby Shower Pictionary
Baby pictionary is one of those popular baby shower games that never gets tired. The baby shower version of the popular board game is played by asking guests to figure out what their team member has drawn. Its fun to play especially for larger showers where you can break up players into little groups and design the game to be as long or as short as you like.

Baby Price Is Right Shower Game
Baby price is right baby shower game is the the best baby shower game for all types of baby shower guests. This is a version of the popular tv show. Guests will have a fun time guessing prices for popular baby shower supplies and even better the mom-to-be gets to take home all those cute and useful supplies for the baby.

Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game
Women like to play nursery rhyme games because they are light and fun. We have nursery rhyme quiz, guess the nursery rhyme, just to name a few.

Baby Shower Pacifier Game

Pacifier game for big or small baby showers. pass the pacifier, spitting binkies and pin the pacifier are all fun variations to play.

Guess the Powder Game

Guess the household powders in the baby food jars.

Measure Mommy's Tummy

You will need: toilet paper or ribbon

This is a popular baby shower game that is enjoyed at coed and non coed baby showers Ask guest to unwrap a length of ribbon or toilet paper that they think will fit mommy to be's tummy size. The winner will be determined by asking each person to try their ribbon or toilet paper around mommy's tummy. The person that goes the closest is the winner.

Baby Memory Tray

You will need: 8 to 12 baby related items, tray, paper and pen

Set baby items on a tray and walk around the party and ask guests to look at each item. After everyone has gotten a good look, take the tray away or cover it with something so that its contents is no longer visible. Tell guests to write down all the items that they remembered seeing on the tray. The person that has the most correct items is the lucky winner. If you have a tie then ask them to be more specific by giving a brand names or color of items to break the tie.

Don't Say Baby

You will need: clothespins

Sure it's a baby shower but do you really have to say the word baby? Well, this popular baby shower game will put you to the test. You will be surprised to know how many times you actually use the word baby without even realizing it. Give guests a clothespin each when they arrive at the baby shower and tell them that whenever they say the word baby and someone hears them then they will forfeit their clothespin to that person. This is fun and easy to play because you can always get back in the game. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the shower is the winner.

Baby Bingo

You will need: baby bingo cards

Bingo is one of the most popular baby shower games around. Get some new and creative ways to make this traditional baby shower game a big hit with guests.

It's an all time favorite of baby showers because they can be played by young and old and guys and girls alike.

Make A Baby

You will need: paper plate, marker or play play dough

Have persons draw a baby on a paper plate and have mom to be pick the winner. The trick to this game is that the paper plate will be on the person's head.

Another popular version is to use play doughs to make babies.

Baby Food Guessing Game

You will need: baby food and spoons

Give each guest a few small jars of baby food, use different colors and flavors. Take the labels off but make sure you keep track of whats in each jar. Ask players to taste the baby food and then guess what type of food is in each jar. The player who guesses the most correct, wins!

Baby Safety Pin

You will need: Bowl containing rice, pins, blindfold

This game of pins and rice is easy funny. Place some safety pins in a bowl of rice. Blindfold each player and have them pull out as many pins as they can in one minute. The participants who pull out the most pins wins.

Cotton and Spoon Game

You will need: 2 bowls, cotton

This popular baby shower game is a favorite but the trick about it is that a lot of people think it's much easier than it actually is. Boy could they be more wrong.
Get two bowls and a serving spoon. Fill one of the bowls with cotton balls and blindfold each player and tell them to transfer as many cotton as they can from one bowl to the other. The cotton is practically weightless and soundless so often times they will be transferring nothing but air. The player who gets the most cotton in the bowl is the winner.

What's In The Diaper Bag?

You will need: Diaper bag, baby items, paper and pen

How reliable are your senses? Put you guests to the test with this diaper bag game and see.
Put several baby items in a diaper bag such as a bib, pacifier, etc. Blindfold each player and have them feel inside the diaper bag and guess as many items as possible, tell them to write down their guesses. The guest with the most items wins and the mommy-to-be can take the diaper bag and its contents as a gift.

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