Baby Bottle Game
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A baby bottle game is a fun baby shower game to play and mom-to-be can keep the baby bottles to add to her baby supplies.

Bottle games are simple to prepare and there are quite a few variations to the game that guests will enjoy. Depending on the type of baby shower bottle game you play, mom-to-be can use the baby bottles for whatever she likes after the shower.

Below you will find some fun baby bottle games for you to use, pick one and let the games begin.

Fun in a Bottle: Baby Bottle game

Baby Bottle Guess

You will need:

  • A baby bottle
  • your favorite candy such as jelly beans, M&Ms, etc

How to play

Before the baby shower fill the baby bottle with candy all the while counting how many it takes to fill the bottle.Write down the number of candy in the bottle so that you won't forget later (since you will have so many things to remember during the party).

Place the bottle on a table with a sign that asks guests to write down their name and the number of candies they feel are in the bottle. The hostess can later check the sheet of paper and the guests that has the correct answer or closest to it will win a prize.


The hostess can hold up the bottle or take it around the room giving everyone a chance to guess the correct number of candies. Either way the game makes for a fun ice breaker as guests will be asking each other what their guess was.

Beer in the bottle game

This game is perfect for coed baby showers where the guys are encouraged to join in the fun. Also known as baby bottle chug, this baby shower bottle game will have every player gulping or sucking to finish.

You will need:

Baby Bottle filled with beer for each player or bottle filled with whatever beverage you choose to use.

How to play

Fill bottles with beer if you are having guys or any other drink of choice. The person who finishes their bottle first is the winner of a prize and get bragging rights.


You can also make this game more interesting by telling players that they should try to finish their bottle but the catch is they cannot use their hands. Players will have to get inventive and it will be all the more fun for those lucky guests that gets to watch.

Since the winner loves to chug down give he or she a 6 pack of beer or a bottle of wine.

Pin the bottle on the baby

You will need:

  • Poster board with a picture of a baby
  • cut-out of baby bottle
  • blindfold

How to play

Before the shower print a picture of a baby and place it on a poster board or paste it on a wall. Cut out pictures of baby bottles and stick double sided tape to the back.

When iy is time to play tell guests that they will need to pin the bottle on the baby because the baby is hungry. Place a blindfold on each player and spin them around 3 times. The player that places the bottle the closest to the baby's mouth is the winner. You can shift the picture of the baby each time to throw off each participant.

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