Baby Shower Invitation
How to Find the right One For You

The baby shower invitation is the first impression of what guests can expect of your baby shower. So if you plan on a formal sit down shower then send out a formal invitation, likewise if you plan to have a fun whimsical party then your invitation should reflect this.

Before choosing an invitation be sure to have an idea of who you or the mom-to-be wants to invite and what the theme of the shower will be. You do not necessarily have to have a themed invitation but it does help to make your party look organized and cute.

Depending on your needs and preferences here are the many different types of baby shower invites to choose from. You can make your own card, purchase one to your needs or even send an online invite.

But before you start sending out invitations you might want to get up to speed on etiquette for baby shower invites to avoid any unwanted embarrassment or to offend any guest that may be attending.

What to Include on the invitation:

  • Name of guest of honor and the host(s)
  • Location and directions
  • Date and time
  • RSVP Information
  • Theme (if you want guests to bring themed gifts)
  • Dress (If its a formal or you would like them to wear something in particular)
  • Items to bring ( such as diaper for raffle, book for baby library etc)
  • Gift Registry Details (your choice to add this to invite, you could also notify guests when they ask or include a registry card)

Ideas on how to make your own invite

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