Types of Baby Shower Invitations

These days there are many different types of baby shower invitations to choose from depending on your taste, preference, theme, budget and even time.

The baby shower invitation is where guests will get the first impression of the shower so choose a type of invitation that will give the impression you want.

One of the best source for online invitations is Shutterfly, you can personalize or get cute and unique baby shower invites at affordable prices.

Generic Or Traditional Invitations
Generic invitations are the more traditional types of baby shower invitations. You can purchase these invitations at your regular card shop, grocery stores, craft stores and so on. They are pre-printed so all you need to do is add the basics and your invitation is ready to be sent out.

Do-it-yourself or DIY baby shower invitations
These types of invitations are the kind that you make yourself. You will need to decide on the design of the invitation,make an outline of the information you will like to add and then print on normal paper or card stock.

You will need to give yourself adequate time to prepare the invitations and mail them out. It may be time consuming but if you enjoy crafts and do-it-yourself activities then after you prepare the invitations you may save some money as well as feel rewarded for the completed project.

Custom Baby Shower Invitations
Customizing the invitations will not only make them more personal but they can be as cute and as unique to the baby shower and the mom-to-be as you like. There are many online stores or printing shops that allows you to personalize the shower invitations.

You can decide on your choice of wording, adding a picture of the mom or parents-to-be or even use an ultrasound of the baby. Just make sure to let the store know what you would like and give them enough time to get your order done.

Printable baby shower invitations
These types of baby shower invitations are very popular these days since all you need to do is print from your very own computer or a print shop. There are many baby shower templates online and even invitation card software. There is also some level of personalization that you can do to give the card your shower signature.

Email baby shower Invitations
Sending out invitation by email is much cheaper and less time consuming but not necessarily the best types of baby shower invitations.
Emailing invitations can seem very impersonal and may even turn off your guests. There is also the chance that not everyone will get the invitation as persons may not have email address or they do not check them very often. Using this form of invitation may also affect your "respond by date".

So many things can go wrong with this form of invite. I recommend sending out the regular form of invitations and following up with an email invitation just to remind persons of the event. If you feel strongly about sending this invitation type then there are quite a few online baby shower invitation sites such as evite to choose from.

More Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

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