Baby Shower Bingo Games and ideas

Baby Shower Bingo is a popular baby shower game that is easy and fun to play. Who doesn't want to be the first to shout"BINGO".

This baby shower game is a safe bet when you have guests with varying age groups, because both young and old will have a fun easy time playing.

These bingo game cards are quick to print and easily add fun to your baby shower.

You can also try your hand and create your very own shower bingo from the ideas below.

How to create your own baby shower bingo:

Before the shower you will need to print of blank baby shower bingo game card. Print one copy for each guest. You can print oncard stock(available at office stores) or use regular computer paper or even colored computer sheets.
You can fill in the spaces with baby related words or action such as crawling, baby stroller, changing the diaper and so on with colored pens or marker. Fill in the boxeson all the cards with different words each time Or if you prefer then you could hand outthe game cards to guests and tell them to fill in words on their card.

If you choose to have guests fill in their card then you will need to preparetwo master lists of words, Make sure the master lists has more than 25 words. Usethe other copy of the master list to cut out each word and then place themin a diaper bag(hat or a bowl) to draw out of during the game.

You can use M&Ms, hershey'skisses or little plastic babies as game pieces, however you will need about 20 of these so if it proves to be too expensive, then just give guests coloredpens or markers to mark off words.

All set? Ok, lets play.

Instructions On How To Play Baby Shower Bingo

Give each guest a bingo card or if you have a couples baby shower then couples can share a card. If you have not already filled in the card.Tell guests to fill in baby related words into the spaces on the bingo card or give them a master list and tell them to fill in the words in any order on their card. The host then calls out words from her master list or pick words from a hat one at a time. If a guest hears a word that is on his/her card then he/she will mark that off with a marker or with game pieces. The player that gets all the words in a line either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, shouts out "BINGO!" and wins a prize. The host will continue calling out words until all the words are gone, make sure to have a few prizes because there might be multiple winners.

Anyone can include the center free square in their line to win.

To view these printable games you will need to have the latest version of adobe reader installed on your computer.If you don't, get it here for free.( anew window will open so you can view/download without leaving this page)

This section will help you select a bingo game and customize it for your baby shower theme:

Family Bingo
This is a fun game for a baby shower that's predominantly family with close friends. To start, just print off this free printable family bingo card and give each guest to add names of family members and friends that are at the baby shower in any square on the card.

Use the guest list for the baby shower to compile a master word list. The host or mom to be will pick the names from a hat and each person marks off each word with a game piece. When they get all the words in a line either; horizontally, vertically or diagonally then they shout BINGO! Continue calling names until all the names are gone. All thelucky winners should get amazing prizes.

Nursery Rhyme Bingo

This goes well with a Nursery Rhyme Themed baby Shower. This baby shower bingo game is played much the same waybut instead of baby related words guests will be asked to write the name of a nursery rhyme into the spaces of thebingo game cards. The caller or host can then call out a nursery rhyme from a master list that she prepared before handor she can give a line from a nursery rhyme and the guests will have to figure out which nursery rhyme it'staken from and mark of the appropriate nursery rhyme. This is a fun challenging baby shower bingo game to useif your guests have played the popular baby shower bingo before.

Baby Gift Bingo
You can use this game during gift opening or anytime during the shower if you like. When used as gift opening game it allows guests to share in and enjoy the gift opening section of the shower.

Give each guest a blank gift baby shower bingo card and tell them to fill in some gifts that they think mom to be will receive. Or if you want to do this yourself you can prepare the cards by filling inthe squares using mom baby registry as a reference. Give each guest a card and game pieces or marker and then let the fun begin!Play until all the gifts are opened, as such there may be more than one lucky winner so make sure to have a few prizes.

Bible Bingo

This bible bingo is a good addition to a christian baby shower theme. Fill in the name of popular bible characters in the blank spaces or ask guests to do the work. Read from a master list of words and prepare for fun.

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