Printable Baby Shower Games

These Printable baby shower games will make planning and preparing a fun baby shower party much easier. Printable games are versatile and for that very reason they are a blessing to baby shower hostesses. Below are some of the reasons why hostesses prefer baby shower printable games:

Perfect as Icebreakers- Use at the start of shower to keep guests entertained and involved while you greet other guests. Guests will get a chance to loosen up and get to know each other. If guests are not acquainted with each other then let them work on a game sheet as a pair or in small groups to break the ice.

Easy to Prepare- You will need little preparation as all you need to do is print out the number of copies for each guest and hand them to guests at the party. All the work is done for you which will give you more time for other baby shower planning.

Fit for all showers and themes- These games are a perfect fit for most any shower and can be played by all types of guests whether young or old and can even be enjoyed by men as well.

Keepsake for expectant mom- Give the mom to be a copy of these cute games to add to her baby shower scrapbook. The baby shower clip art and wording add to the theme of the celebration.

Find a variety of games to choose from including spanish baby shower games, christian games, shower bingo, etc.


Printable games for your party