Easy Baby Shower Game

Have fun with an Easy Baby Shower Game. Most of them are very simple to prepare and easy to play.

Fill the awkward gaps left by a lull in conversation or activity with any of these fun and easy to play Printable Baby Shower Games!. You can have a cute game ready to play in minutes or browse below for other fun and easy baby shower games to play:

How Much Does Your Purse Weigh

Another cool game is to have a scale and have every lady bring their purse up to get weighed. The lady with the purse that weighs the most is the winner.

Take a Bite

Last game is to make some cupcakes for your baby shower. Before the cupcakes are ready place a small plastic baby in one of them. You can usually find these at craft stores. Make sure that you let them know that the person who has the baby in the cupcake wins! This will prevent them from choking and they will know that they should be looking out for a little baby.

Baby Shower Name Game
Use this easy baby shower name game to help mom-to-be find the right name for her little one while having fun at the same time.

Baby Shower Matching Game
Play games such as baby animal match, celebrity baby match and other cute and interesting game ideas.

Baby Shower Guessing Games
Guessing games are very popular at showers, find popular ones such as baby memory tray as well as unique ideas to choose from.

Baby Shower Word Scramble Games
Enjoy a fun and easy baby shower game like word scramble. They also work well as ice breakers to help get your guests warmed up.

Baby Shower Word Games
Fun and unique Baby Shower Word game you can play such as mad lib, Baby Body Part and lots more to choose from.

Baby Shower Memory Game
This game is one of the best baby shower games to play because its simple and challenging for guests at the same time.

Baby Shower Puzzle Game
Fun and Easy Puzzles for baby shower guests to enjoy such as the popular baby shower word search and crossword puzzle.

Hey, are you looking for even more easy games you can adopt for your baby shower, then take a look at these Easy Party Games. Find fun and easy party game ideas such as steal a sticker, ice breakers, fast charades and more!

Balloon Baby Shower Games

Balloons are more than likely to be apart of the shower decor and so they are readily available to use in games. These balloon games will be a welcome game idea for everyone including the guys.

Baby around the world baby shower game

Not just a travel theme baby shower game but can be appreciated by the modern moms out there

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