7 Hilarious Balloon Baby Shower Games for Co-ed Party

Balloon baby shower games we found to make your co-ed or couples baby shower party POP for everyone.

Balloon games are a perfect compliment to She is Ready to Pop Baby shower theme

Most of these games take very little prep work so use the balloons to decorate the event and then use some to play games. They are cheap and fun to work with.

Playing any of these baby shower balloon games might sound weird and crazy but trust me when I say they are ridiculously fun.

Balloon Baby Shower Games
for a pop of fun

Diapering the baby balloon game

Diapering  shower games are always a welcome hit. This one sounds good on paper but try getting a diaper on a slippery balloon. 

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You will need:

  • Clothe diaper or disposable diaper
  • diaper pins
  • blindfold
  • powder or baby oil

Guests will race to put a diaper on their balloon baby while being blindfolded. They have to powder or oil the baby balloon and use the diaper pin to attach the diaper to the balloon without popping the balloon.

Sounds easy right?... well they have to present their balloon baby and the diaper must not fall off when lifted.


Tinkle in the Pot

Players are given a balloon and a quarter with jars a few paces ahead of them. They are then asked to put the balloon under their shirt and the quarter between their knees. After which they have to walk or waddle which ever gets them to the jar, the person who drops their quarter successfully into the “pot” wins.

You will need:

  • Balloons to fit under shirts
  • Quarters
  • Mason jars

It will be fun to see players trying to turn sideways to see the "pot" because the belly is in the way. Talk about walking in the mommy-to-be's shoe :)

Daddy Shoelace race or  shoe race

This game is all about the guys getting in on the action.  Ok so we think most of the guys will be wearing shoe with laces but just in case they are not as long as they have on shoe and sock then they qualify.

Ask the men to stuff a balloon up their shirt, in essence creating a guy pregnant tummy. Then they will sit and remove their shoe. On the word go those who have laces will have to put on their shoe and do up their laces while those without laces will have to put their socks and shoe on. The lucky winner is who finishes first.

Rocking that tummy

Tell Players to strike a pose after they fit a balloon under their shirt or dress. Then let mommy to be decide who is rocking the next best tummy…after hers of course.

Give each player a balloon and tell them the blow it up and tie it off. Then they all have to fit it under their tops to for judging. Guys are encouraged to play so don’t be afraid to get them in the game.

The tricky part about this game is that you won’t tell them the rules of the game until after they blow up their balloons. To super charge the fun factor use different sizes and shape balloons and let guests choose.

Baby pop or balloon pop game

We love, love this one because it gets everyone laughing. It’s ridiculous fun. Pair up players and they have to get their balloon to pop between each other without using their hands.

Don't be afraid to ask players to get creative. The mommy to be will ejoy watching this one play out.

  Match mommy’s tummy

Tell guests to look at the pregnant lady and blow up their balloon to what they think is a close size to her tummy. Everyone should place their balloon under their shirts and mommy will examine and determine the closest bump compared to her belly.

Balloon boy or girl?

Of course we could not leave out the gender reveal balloon excitement.

We love the exploding balloon of confetti. Makes for really pretty photo ops.

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