Fun Baby Shower Theme Ideas

A baby shower theme is central idea that creates the whole baby shower experience from planning to the day of the shower.

Use a theme to make your planning more organized and to unify all aspect of the shower starting from types of invitation,decorations, food, games, favors and even game prizes.

But do you really need a baby shower theme?

...It all depends on you. There can be a lot of work involved in putting together a shower theme and it can be stressful if you let it.

However your baby shower party will have some element of theme whether its an all pink girl color scheme or deciding to invite the guys.

Decide on what you want and how much work you are willing to put in because some theme will take more work than others.

5 Things to Consider When Deciding on a Theme

Expectant Mother's Taste and Preference- Ask the expectant mother if she has any preferences for a theme. She may have always wanted a particular theme or liked a theme from a friends baby shower. If its surprise shower then ask her partner or a close family member what they think she would like, make sure to go with something fun and trendy.

Sex Of the Baby- A theme can be determined by sex of the baby, This is the most popular and safest way of choosing a theme. Girl showers are usually pink and very cheery while baby showers for a boy baby tend to have darker colors like blue or brown.

On the flip side if you are unaware of the sex of the baby you can always choose a neutral color scheme of green, lavender and yellow.

Theme of the nursery- If the mom to be already has a theme for the nursery then you can use the theme for the shower since its already something the expectant mother likes and guests can bring gifts that will compliment or go with the decor of the nursery.

The type of shower- will also determine the theme, for instance if you are having a baby shower for an adopting mother then the theme and general planning may be somewhat different, for example the child could be an infant instead of a newborn or you may want to host the shower after the adoption goes through. The type of shower is a theme in itself and may have some elements that are unique to that shower.

Has the expectant had a baby shower before or is getting more than one shower-

If the expectant mother already has children and had previous showers you may want to use the same theme or elements of that theme. Or you may want to forgo a traditional baby "shower" where you buy gifts for the baby and instead focus on gifts for mom herself since she may already have most of the baby items.

Also you want to know if she is getting other showers and the theme of those showers so you do not duplicate or be forced to compete with it.

List of Cool Baby Shower Theme Ideas to choose from

Boy Baby shower Themes
There are lots of fun and vibrant baby boy themes you can choose from for your baby shower party that go way beyond just a simple blue themed party.

Girl Baby Shower Themes
Be creative in welcoming mommy's precious little girl with a girl baby shower theme, such as princess shower or mommy's little angel.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower
Have a wild time with this baby shower theme by decorating with lots of green and tropical colors, use stuffed animals to design the ultimate jungle feel. Put on some background tropical music with chirping birds and rustling bushes. Give guests a selection of juicy fruits and meat & cheese trays.

Princess Baby Shower Theme
Welcome your little princess into the world with a royal celebration. Plan a party fit for a princess with royal colorslike gold, pink, and silver. send out cute invitations decorated in pink or gold sprinkles. Offer delicious bit size treats that all princesses will love.

Butterfly Theme Shower
This theme is light and airy but do not be afraid in adding lots of color to make the party festive. Add a few flower bouquets to make the fragrant and attractive. You can purchase butterfly tableware at a party store on online and make your own butterflydecorations.

Star Theme Baby Shower
Invite guests to a twinkle twinkle little star party. Hold the shower late afternoon and decorate with christmas lights or create your own stars.

Animal Baby Shower Theme
If mom-to-be is considering an animal themed nursery then throw her an animal themed shower. There are so many animal themes to choose from for both a boy or a girl shower. You can decorate with stuffed animals or tell guests to carry a stuffed animal of their choice. The baby will have a wide variety to choose from.

Baby Shower Tea Party
Have a very ladylike celebration with tea and treats at a garden or afternoon shower. The new mommy will like having all her lady friends with her to talk while taking it easy at this party. Decorate with pinks and prepare little sandwiches and be sure to take out your best tea set.

Baby Shower Sports Theme
If the mom-to-be is having a baby boy or if you just want to invite the daddy-to-be and his friends then consider a sporting theme for the shower. If a big game is on that the guys will want to catch, get some beer, chips and hot dogs for the men while the ladies talk about girl stuff. At half time invitethe men to play a baby shower game or have daddy help mommy open some of the presents.

Couples Shower

This type of baby shower theme is becoming increasingly popular as more fathers are interested in celebrating the new baby with mom. Try to choose a gender neutral theme plan shower activities so that the guys don't feel uncomfortable. This type of shower is also more active since you want to make sure you challenge the guys with some active games and activities.

July 4th baby shower

Have a two for one bash with a baby shower and an independence day celebration. Everyone is already invited and the weather is great. have a barbecue and make it extra special for the parents to be

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