Jungle Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Guests Will Go Bananas

Most expecting moms and party guests go wild for a jungle theme baby shower. Hostesses can have so much fun with all those bright colors of greens, browns and oranges not to mention all that yummy yum food.

We have game ideas to let your guests roar with excitement and when they leave they will be buzzing with the news of how impressed they were.

jungle baby shower

Invitation Ideas

After deciding on a party theme the next step is to let the mom-to-be's friends and family know she is having a jungle theme baby shower.

There are many FREE and for sale jungle invitations online and at your local party store. You can even make your own if you are up to it. Just get some cute animal cliparts and your craft paper and start creating.

Below you will find some jungle baby shower poems to use in invites or just to get some inspiration to make your own.

We also made a couple free invites for you to enjoy as well.

Jungle baby shower poems:

We are roarr-ing with excitement and happy to say

The king(queen) of the jungle is on the way


We’re wildly excited

And awaiting the hour

For (mommy) new baby’s arrival

So we’re throwing a party

A jungle baby shower

To help her prepare

With a roarr-ing good time

Before the baby gets here


 Come celebrate with the mom to be

We’re throwing a jungle shower jubilee


 Mommy and Daddy…

Baby makes three

We are happy and excited for this family

Swing on over as we celebrate with a jungle jubilee

 Download this free baby shower jungle invitation. The invitation is 5x7 and fits two to a page. Just click on the picture, print and they are ready to use

jungle baby shower invitation

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Games:


Green clothespin game

The clothespin game is popular especially with a large party crowd since it allows guests the opportunity to mingle and just be silly even with strangers and acquaintances.

You will need to get some green clothespins and hand 1 to each guest on arrival. If anyone says the word baby then they forfeit their clothespin. The person left with the most clothespin at the end of nearing the end of the shower wins a prize.


Baby Shower Animal Kingdom

Can you guess the name of the baby animal for each animal listed below. Click to download a free version of this game

How many Jelly Beans

A fun and not so easy to win game to play is guess how many green jelly beans are in the jar.

Using whatever clear jar you have so guests can have a good look at the jelly beans inside. You simply make a note of how many jelly beans you have in the jar and place a sheet of paper and pen available for persons to write down their names and their guess. The person that guesses the exact amount or the closest without going over wins a prize.

With all the jelly beans being green. It will not be so easy to guess the amount. It can be used as a nice table decoration until you are ready to play.

Decoration Ideas Theme Baby Shower

  • There are a lot of baby shower decoration online and in stores that are pretty inexpensive which includes, banner, table clothe, cups, napkins plates and so on.
  • Use cut-outs of trees and jungle animals such as monkeys, lions, giraffes, elephants to put on walls and table. Get pictures from books, magazines or download pictures online and print on cardstock.
  • A nice idea is to use vines and big leaf plants to really get a jungle feel around the room.
  • Use real fruit on the tables to help with the atmosphere such as bunches of bananas, pineapple and even fruit platters which are not only decorative but delicious as well.
  • Jungle themed diaper cake

Yummy Jungle Treats:

  • Animal crackers
  • Animal shaped cookies
  • Tiger tails (cheetos)
  • Sandwiches shapes with animal shape cookie cutter-regular peanut butter jelly
  • Fruit salad with pineapples, bananas and other fruits. A nice idea is to place fruit in cups so everyone can just grab and go.

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