Coed Baby Shower Games

Why are coed baby shower games more fun than other games? Because of the men of course.

Coed Baby showers have become increasingly more popular as women seek to get men more involved in preparation and celebration of the baby. After all women didn't get pregnant by themselves.

Guys are not into the oohing and aahing over cute onesies and booties, so to keep the men interested in the baby shower you will need to have fun games that will appeal to their competitive nature.

Coed games should be about both gals and guys with little less frills and a lot more spills. So bring out the action games such as these balloon baby shower games.

Playing for great coed prizes such as gift cards, game tickets, golf tees, a six pack of beer and so on, is an added incentive that guys won't resist.

Enjoy these cool coed games for couples, guys and the entire family:

Couples Baby Shower Games
Not all men go running in the other direction when they hear the words "baby shower".These couples baby shower games will make your coed shower an event to remember.

Baby Shower Games for Men
Here are some games that will get the guys attention and keep them interested.

Baby Shower Games for Family
Celebrating a new baby is not only a celebration for the expectant parents but for the entire family. These games will make for great family memories.

Baby Shower Games for Kids
Include the kids in the baby shower festivities with buzzword games, pin the diaper and other baby shower games for kids.

Make sure to have your camera and video recorder ready to capture the fun!

These guys find out what hard work it is to give birth:

Cool Coed Baby Shower Prizes

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