Baby Shower Games for Men

If you are looking for games that will have the guys talking for years, then these baby shower games for men are just what the baby shower doctor ordered.

These baby shower games will have the guys beating thier chest as they compete against each to see who is the bigger man.

Baby shower games are all about having fun and creating fond memories. These games are quaranteed to give the guys that opportunity.

Let the boys come out to play with these great baby shower games for men:

Baby Pong

You will need: little plastic babies, plastic cups, long table

This is beer pong with a baby shower twist. Get some tiny babies from a craft store along with your plastic cups. Place six cups in the form of a triangle at both ends of the table.Break up guys into teams and each team will take one end of the table.

The object of this men baby shower game is to try to throw a plastic baby into the other team's cup of beer. When a babylands in a cup, that cup is removed from the table and the team to who the cup belongs must drink the contentsof the cup and remove the cup from the table. Keep playing until one team has no cups remaining. Thatteam is the looser
make sure to have lots of plastic babies for when some fall on the ground. You can also use other drinks beside beer.

Don't Drop the Baby

You will need: small spoons, some eggs

Men can be so clumsy at times, so you don't want them to drop the baby when he comes.This is a great way to get the guys to help dad practice carrying the baby.

Baby shower games for men such as this is super competitive. The game is played by placing an egg on a small spoon with th guys racing each other to the finish line.Use a small enough spoon to make it a challenge but not so small as to make it near impossible.Guys who drop their eggs are immediately disqualified and the remaing guys will race to the finish.

Baby Obstacle Course

You will need: strollers, a life size doll

Baby shower games for men is a good way to make the guys sweat. Try to get/borrow a few baby strollers. Placea doll in each and set up a sort of abstacle course around the yard or if it's an indoor shower you can use some furniture. Give them 2 minutes to race from a starting point to a finish line that you have set.Let the guys race to see who can get the baby home on time and and in 1 piece.

Guy Hoops

You will need: rolled up diaper, basketball hoop

Getting rid of messy diapers will be fun when guys are asked to toss a dirty diaper througha basketball hoop. Have guys lined up a good distance from a mini basketball hoop. Have someone at the hoop to toss back the dirty diaper to the guys. The guy that has the most shot at the end of three minutes is the game winner.

Change the Baby

You will need: balloons clothe diaper and two small safety pins

Baby shower games for men such as changing the baby allows guys to practice taking care of the baby for egpinning on a diaper.Blow up balloons and have guys try to pin a diaper onto the balloon in record time.Did I mention that they have to pin the diaper without popping the baby.

Bobbing Nipples

You will need: baby bottle nipples, a large bowl of water, blindfold

A good baby shower game for men is to set up some buckets of water on a table and add some baby bottle nipples into each.Each guy will be blindfolded and asked to fish the nipples out with just their mouths.Tell them to get a good look at the number of nipples and where they are before putting on the blindfold. Caution, playing this game might leave some guys extremely wet.

Baby Bottle Chug

You will need: baby bottles, beer or any drink

This game always go down well with the guys. Get some baby bottles and full them with beer or any drink you prefer,then give each guy a bottle and tell them to chug it. Whoever finishes their bottle first is the winner. It will be fun to watch them biting of the nipples to get their drinks down quicker.
A variation to this game is tell the guys that they should chug the contents of the bottlewith no hands, they will have to find creative ways of holding the bottle upright to get all the drinks down.

Baby Pool

You will need: betting cards

Men love a good bet. So this is for the guys that can't resist a good wager. Create a pool with chances to bet on the exact day of birth, baby's weight, length, eye color, hair or no hair even the baby's sex.They can bet using money or favors. You can make your own betting cards or buy some online.

Baby Bottle Bowling

You will need: some baby bottles, small ball

Perfect baby shower games for men- Bowling. Its good to have skill and luck when bowling and baby bottle bowling is no different. On one end of a table place 8 to 10 baby bottles in a triangle shape. Give each player a tennis ball or a small ball and ask players to line up and roll the ball towards to bottles. Someone should be keeping score, each player gets 1 point for each bottle knocked over.The person with the most points at the end of 3 rounds wins. Note that the smaller the ball the more challenging the game.

Cottonball Pick Up Game

You will need: vaseline, cotton balls, 2 bowls

Get two bowls and a some vaseline, fill one bowl with cotton. Ask each player to put their hands in their pockets or behind their backs. Each player will then get some vaseline placed on their nose and asked to use the vaseline to try to transfer cotton from one bowl to another. Each guy will think 'hey that's easy" until they actually try it and see how hard it is.

Giving Birth

You will need: A few balloons blown up and a chair

Baby shower games for men such as this one gives the men a little idea of how difficult it is to give birth with this birthing game. Give the guys a balloon each and tell them to put it under their shirts. The game is played by having each person sit on the chair and try to get the balloon from under their shirts thus giving birth. The trick is that they can't use their hands.This baby shower game is sure to have everyone cracking up!I hope you enjoyed all these baby shower games for men as much as I did!

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