Baby Shower Games For Kids

Baby shower games for kids are a great way to include the children in the baby shower celebrations.

If you are hosting a big family shower or parents take their children then a good idea is to have at least 1 game where the kids can participate. After all Kids just want to have fun so why not let them enjoy the baby shower as much the adults.

Games can be played depending on the ages of children at the shower. Older children like teens are welcome to play most adult games such as memory tray games, bingo and so on.

Younger children like preteens can enjoy games more suitable to their age. Below you will find games that young children will enjoy.

Baby Shower Games For Kids:

Buzzword Games
Any buzzword baby shower game such as "don't say baby" will be enjoyed by small children. They are keen to listen to adults and call them out on buzzwords like "baby" or "diaper."

Pin the Diaper
This is similar to pin the tail on a donkey that most kids know but instead of a donkey they will have to pin the diaper on at the baby.Place a cut out of a baby on a wall or poster board and blindfold each child. spin the around a couple times and tellthen to find the baby and pin the diaper on the baby bottom. Adults can cheer the kids on by giving clues if they are hot or cold.Even make it a race by blindfolding 2 kids at a time and see which one pins the diaper first.

More baby shower Games for kids that are played by adults as well:

  • Measure mommy tummy size
  • Word search
  • Word scramble
  • Left right game
  • Nursery Rhyme games
  • Baby Animal Games
Don't forget that kids especially love to get prizes so have a few prizes at hand such as a toy, chocolates,sweets, cookies, etc.

Baby Shower Activities:

If you are going to have very young children at the shower then instead of games for kids, have a fun activityprepared to keep them occupied, entertained and should I say it...out of trouble.

Here are a few ideas of activities for kids. Let them present their completed project to the guest of honor as a gift. I am sureshe will appreciate it

  • A drawing of mommy or for mom-to-be
  • crafts such as decorating a onesie or a t-shirt
  • A paper plate with a drawing for the baby or a poem
  • even a short story to read to the baby

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