Fourth of July Baby Shower
Games and Ideas

A Fourth of July baby shower! Great idea, right?

Its gonna be a long weekend, all the friends and family are invited, plus its summer great for outdoor parties, pool and lots of food and frolic. So why not have a baby shower!

Red white and blue and celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby too.

So we prepared some quick tips and ideas for you all who are making it a twofer with a shower and independence party:

Can be super easy to prep just tweak your plans a little bit to add a little baby cuteness to it.  So guys are gonna be coming so red white and blue is perfect for decorations. All your balloons and checkered table cloth. Flags add a nice touch.

Keep your backyard barbecue and just make sure you set up a table for all the gifts. Don't forget the cake or cupcakes not only yummy but nice eye candy for the table and looks great in photos too.


Pies and cupcakes are great addition to the menus and don’t forget the beer for the guys.

4th of July baby shower poems

Red, white & blue

And expecting too

Joins us for a baby shower


We’re having a party

On the fourth of July

To celebrate mommy having a baby

Boy oh boy


 Baby a product of the USA

Join us as we celebrate with a special

Independence baby shower


Please join us for a day of fun

As we celebrate independence and

The arrival of a new little one


Red white and blue baby shower invitation and its free for your personal use. just click and download it now

free 4th of July baby shower invitation

Fourth of July Baby Shower Games

We tried to find some games that are really easy to prep since you will just use what’s lying around but will still be rip roaring fun. Best of all, most everyone will love watching or playing.


Chug it down

So since beers will be abundance the perfect game to play is baby chug it. Simply add some beer to baby bottles and have the guys chug it. The guy that finishes first wins.


She’s about to pop

Use some of those balloons and have a popping time. Simply turn the balloon inside out and use a marker to make a large enough dot. Then turn the balloon back over and blow them up. Let the balloons loose around the yard and have people race to pop each balloon then search what they pop to find the dots. The person with the most dots wins a prize. a nice gift can be some lollipops.


Feed the Baby

Ok so all those cupcakes and pies lying around looks yummy. Race to see how fast can mommy feed the baby.

Pair up players one person should be the mommy the other the baby. The baby will sit on mommy’s lap and she will feed the baby as quickly as possible with the pie or cupcakes. The child that finishes first and made the least amount of mess wins.

 Happy 4th of July!!

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