Try A Baby Shower Word Game

Looking for a new and interesting Baby Shower Word game? Well take a look at the list below, you will find the popular mad lib and left right game but a some other fun games that you and your guests will absolutely love.

But don't take my word for it try them and decide for yourself.

Baby Shower Scrabble

On a sheet of paper write at the top "Mommy's Big day is coming does she have everything prepared?" or "Amanda and Harry are ready to welcome their new baby"

Hand a sheet to each person and tell them that they have 2-3 minutes to form as many baby related words from the phrase. When time is up ask eachguest to read aloud the items on their list. Everyone crosses off words that are duplicated and the one with the most words left wins. You can make your own unique phrase if you prefer.

Baby Registry Word Game

Mom has a list of items all chosen for her baby registry.Write down the name of the categories of items that mom-to-be has onher registry and give each person to fill in as much items as they can under all the categories.

Some categories are:Clothing and Shoes- e.g., onesies and bootiesBaby Gear- Car seats, strollers...Bath- Towels etcNursery- bedding, furniture, etcFeeding- Bottles, formula, etcBaby Care Essentials- diapers, wipes, etcHealth and safetyGift for mom

Babies Have These Too

Prepare a game sheet with the name of various things that share the name with a body part and tell guests to fill in the blanks with the parts ofa baby. Makes a fun and interesting Baby Shower Word Game.

1. Part of a chair
2. Lamb
3. Onion
4. River
5. Hurricane
6. Cabbage
7. Comb
8. Clock
9. Corn
10. Lettuce

Answers1.Arm or Leg 2.Leg 3.Skin 4.Mouth 5.Eye 6.Head 7.Teeth 8.hands or face 9.Ear 10.Heart

Baby Body Part Game
Give each guest a Baby Body Part Game Sheet and pencil and tell them towrite down as many body parts that has 3, 4 and 5 letters in 3 minutes.The guest who comes up with the most body parts wins!Or just provide guests with paper and pencil and tell them to write down as many 3 letter, 4 letter or 5 letter words as they can in 3 minutes.

Hangman Baby Shower Word game
Follow the instructions to learn how to play this fun unique baby shower word game

Baby Shower Mad Lib
Enjoy this hilarious mad lib word game and then give it to mom to put in her scrapbook or to keep for a good laugh now and then.

Left Right Game
Left right game is fun not only because you will laugh a lot while playing but there will be one lucky guests that gets a gift. Read the funny left Right Story to guests and every time they hear the word Left or Right then they pass the gift in that direction. Try not to read the story too slow, a reasonable pace will have guests scrambling to pass from left to right.

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