Baby Shower Left Right Game

Baby Shower Left Right Game, is a version of the popular Mr Wright christmas left right game. It's a shower favorite that allows one or more lucky guest a chance to win a prize.

The game is played by having players sit or stand in a circle. The hostess then reads the story aloud and everytime the word Wrightor Right is mentioned then players will passthe gift to the right. When players hear Left then they pass the gift to the left. Players can be sitting or standingand you can use one or more gifts.

Use this left right game as an ice breaker or just to add some laughs.

Mr. Wright came running from the back when Mrs. Wright screamed she was going into labor. He ran to the car with the overnight bag then realized he had left Mrs. Wright behind. He shook his head thinking he was not in his right mind.

Helping Mrs Wright to the car he decided to drive left on Route 69 instead of taking the right at route 71, to avoid traffic. He told Mrs. Wright to breathe but she shouted at him to keep his eyes right on the road because he was veering to the left. Upon reaching the hospital, he ran to the nurses station and asked for Dr Bing. The nurse told him Dr Bing had just left but not to worry she will call him right back. The nurse helped Mrs. Wright into a wheelchair to take her right up to delivery.Mr. Wright kissed Mrs. Wright and told her he was going to fill out the forms and he will be right with her.

When he was through, the nurse told Mr. Wright that delivery was straight up the corridor and to take the first left at the vending machine, then right pass the red door and then the second left for delivery.

He got prepped and went to hold Mrs. Wright's Hand. When the doctor told her to push Mrs. Wright pushed so hard the baby popped right out. Dr Bing handed Mrs. Wright her baby girl and the proud parents looked at her with smilingadoration.

Mr. Wright looked at Mrs Wright and said the baby was so precious they should work on another little Wrightimmediately. Mrs. Wright looked at Mr. Wright in amazement and said "you are joking right?"

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