Baby Shower Mad Lib

What are baby shower mad libs?...but first mad libs are stories with strategically placed blanks that when completed create a hilarious tale.

Baby Shower Mad Lib is basically a story revolving around mom-to-be's pregnancy, labor and delivery or the baby shower.

Mad libs are quite simple. All you need are printed copies of the mad lib story sheet and the mad lib fill in word list depending on the number of teams you will have. (see below).

Break up guests into teams and have each team complete the mad lib fill in word list first and then transfer the information from the word list to the mad lib story sheet. When this is done ask each team to read aloud their completed story sheet for a belly full of laughter.

Baby Shower Mad Lib Fill In Word List

01.__________ Mother to be/ New Mother

02.__________ Bodypart

03.__________ Bodypart

04.__________ Father to be/birthing coach

05.__________ location

06.__________ Adjective

07.__________ Thing

08.__________ Number ending with "st"

09.__________ Number

10.__________ Noun

11.__________ Verb

12.__________ Professional

13.__________ Number

14.__________ Number

15.__________ Word ending with "ing"

16.__________ Thing

17.__________ Number

18.__________ Past Tense Verb

19.__________ Adjective

20.__________ Adjective

21.__________ Number

22.__________ Baby's Name

23.__________ Adjective

24.__________ Number

25.__________ Number

26.__________ Body Part

27.__________ Noun

28.__________ Parents/Dad's Last Name

Need help remembering your parts of speech? No problem! Here's a little refresher to get you up to speed.

Adjective-Word used to describe someone or something
Noun- Word used to name a person, place, animal or thing.
verb- is an action word that is used to describe someone or something
Past Tense Verb-essentially is a verb described in the past tense, usually ending with "ed"

Baby Shower Mad Lib Story Sheet

__________(1) was folding the laundry when she felt a sudden

pain in her __________(2). She had been feeling__________(2)

pain all morning which she tried to ignore. Now she realized

she was going into labor. A second contraction had her

screaming "__________(4) I think I am in labor!". He rushed

from the garage and gathered her up to take her to the

__________(5). He was so __________(6), he forgot the

__________(7) keys and the overnight bag and had to go back

to get them. __________(1) told him to hurry because she did

not want to deliver her__________(8) baby in the ________(7).

__________(4) drove at __________(9) miles per hour barely

managing not to break the speed limit.

Luckily they had called ahead for Dr __________(10) to tell him

they were on their way. Dr __________(10) met them at the

door and told __________(1) she needed to get to delivery

__________(11). The __________(12) measured __________(1)

contractions and said they were __________(13) minutes apart

and she was __________(14) cm. dilated. The __________(12)

told her to keep __________(15). Then her __________(16)

broke and it was time for her to push. Dr __________(10)

told her to breathe and push. __________(1) pushed so hard

that after __________(17) minutes the baby __________(18)

right out.

Afterwards __________(1)admired her __________(19) new baby and

wondered aloud where __________(4) had gone. The ________(12)

said he was fine, he was so overwhelmed that he fainted.

__________(4) was given some smelling salt to revive him.

When he saw his new baby for the__________(8) time _______(4)

looked at him/her and said how __________(20) he/she was. The

doctor said he weighed __________(21) pounds. __________(22)

was a __________(23) baby.

The proud parents counted his/her __________(24) fingers and

__________(25) toes. __________(4) patted his baby's

__________(26) and said "Welcome to the world__________(22)

__________(27) __________(28).

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