Baby Shower Guessing Game

Guessing Games are simple and easy baby shower games. Most anyone will enjoy them and they are a breeze to prepare.

Below you will find a selection of guessing games to enjoy.

Guess the Bibs
Guess how many bibs you think the mom to be will get at the party and get a chance to win a nice little prize. super simple to play and engaging for everyone.

Who is it from?

Tell guests not to add a card to gifts or you can take the cards off when guests arrive. So when mom-to-be picks a gift based on what she has gotten she tries to guess who it is from. The crowd may help her out by giving her clues. This is a fun gift opening activity to keep things interesting.

Diaper Cake Guess

Use a diaper cake not only as a great gift and centerpiece but to play fun games as well. The host will ask guests to guess how many diapers make up the diaper cake or to name 5 or more items into the diaper cake and so on. The more extravagant and creative the diaper cake the more items guests can try to identify.

Birthday Bet Guessing Game

Chances are that someone at the shower has a birthday that is exactly as or close to the baby's due date.You ask guests

The objective is to guess when the baby will be born. You can still divide the calendar days with AM and PM.When a guest arrives, let him pick a date and time on the calendar when he thinks baby will be born.Guests who arrive early will have wider options to choose than guests who arrive late so you can announce this game beforehand to make your guests come early.Prize will be awarded to the person with the correct guess, after of course the baby is born.You can also give a guest one or more of these calendar ‘spots’ in exchange of baby needs such as diapers, formula etc. It will encourage guests to bring more stuff.

Guess the Baby Song

Play or tell guests a line from a children's song like hush little babyand ask guests to guess the name of the song. The great thing about this game is that you can make it as easy or as challenging as you want depending on the songs you choose.

Guess the Baby Item

Get a bunch of baby items, choose items that are not easily identified,such as breast pump, bottle sterilizer a bath toy etc. Put all the items in a gift bag and give all the players paper and pen. pass the bag toeach player and tell them to feel inside and write down what you think is in the bagand then pass the bag to the other person. when each player has their turn, the person with the most correct guesses win.

Memory Tray Guessing Game

Set some baby items such as pacifiers, blankets and so on, on a tray and walk around the party and ask guests to look at each item. After everyone has gotten a good look, take the tray away or cover it with something so that its contents are no longer visible. Tell guests to write down all the items that they remembered seeing on the tray. The person that has the most correct items is the lucky winner. If you have a tie then ask them to be more specific by giving brand names or color of items.

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