Guess The Bibs
Baby Shower Game

There are a lot of baby shower guessing games out there and guess the bibs is one of those we love to use when we rather not go through the hassle of buying a baby bottle, filling it with candy that we have to slowly count to get it right on the first count.

Bibs are those cute little things that mommies all over are happy they were invented much like diapers and so you can really never have too much bibs. That’s why mommy gets so many at the shower and why it makes a genius game idea.

There is really no prep work other than have paper and pencil for which everyone will write down their guess.

How to play:

Before the start of the game have a sheet of paper with pen handy and ask each person to write down the number of baby bibs they think mommy will receive and record their name beside their guess. Winner will be revealed after mommy opens all her gifts and total number of bibs she received is shared.

Guess the Bibs and Bottles

If it’s a really small shower then to make the game more competitive just asks everyone to guess how many bottles and bibs mommy will receive. The person that gets the closest to the actual amount wins

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