Baby Shower Name Game for
Finding The Perfect Baby Name

A Baby Shower Name Game can help you pick the perfect baby name...choosing a baby name for your precious little bundle may not be an easy and simple task to some parents.A baby shower name game comes in handy when the expectant parents are still undecided on a name for their baby.

Have fun playing and exploring names and who knows maybe one luckyguest will get the opportunity to pick just the right name for the little one.

You can also use one of these games with your spouse, friends or relatives outside of the baby shower to come up with baby names.

Baby Name Game

If The parents to be already picked out a name for the baby then this baby shower name game will be a fun and easy baby shower game to play.

How to Play:

Write the baby's full name on a sheet of paper and hand each guest a sheet (You can break players up into teams if you prefer). Tell them they have 5 minutes to write as many words as possible from the baby name. The player or team that has the most words win.

Baby Name Scattergories

If mom-to-be has a certain letter that she wants her baby's name to begin with, then you can use this baby shower name game to help her out.

How to play:

This game is similar to scattergories in that everyone gets 1 minute to write as many names starting with that letter. Each person is then asked to read off the names on their list and duplicate names are crossed off. The person with the most names wins and the expectant mother gets loads of names to choose from.

Baby Name Pick

If parents are not yet decided on a baby name then maybe this baby showername game will give mom to be some ideas.Below are some popular baby names for 2008, add some names of your own to use we have and make a list.Ask your guests to pick out the 10 most popular names of 2008. The person that lists all 10 names is the winneror the person that got the most correct.

Below you will find the top 10 Boys and girls names for 2008

Boy Names Jacob, Micheal, Joshua, Matthew, Andrew, Christopher, Joseph, Daniel, Nicholas, Ethan

Girl Names Emily, Madison, Hannah, Emma, Ashley,Abigail, Alexis, Olivia, Samantha, Sarah

You Picked A Winner

This game allows guests to win a prize while learning the name of the new baby.Put some random names under each guest's chair along with the name of the new baby.

About halfway through the shower tell guests to look under their chair and call out the name of the baby.The person that has the baby's name under their chair wins a door prize. Another way to play this game is to put the names in a balloon and tell each person to pick a balloon.

Name the Baby

A good way to brainstorm baby names from the parents name is to play this baby shower name game.Put the parents-to-be's first and/or middle names together to try and come up with a cute baby name. For example if the couple's names are Rondall and Kerry then a combination of their name could be Kerron for their son.

Baby Name Clue Game

Use the clues below to guess popular names for the new baby

1. Romantic City
2. One of God's Helper
3. A glass of wine
4. Fruit
5. A season
6. Short prayer
7. Purple color
8. To tease
9. Payed monthly
10. Flower

Answers to Baby Name Clue

1. Romantic City- Paris
2. One of God's Helper- Angel
3. A glass of wine- Sherry
4. Fruit- Apple
5. A season- Summer
6. Short prayer- Grace
7. Purple color- Violet
8. To tease- Josh
9. Payed monthly- Bill
10.Flower- Rose or Daisy

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