Fun and Easy Baby Shower Matching Game

Baby Shower Matching Games are really just simple fun.

They can be played by the young and the old and are a hit with kids if you have them at the shower. Use them at the start to get the party ball rolling or dropone in when there is a lull in activities.

Celebrity Baby Match Game

Tell guests to match these celebrity parents with their children

Jessica Alba ---------------- Ireland

Ashley Simpson--------------- Moses

Halle Berry ---------------- Maddox

Tori Spelling --------------- Bronx

Katie Holmes ---------------- Harlow

Victoria Beckham ------------ Suri

Anjelina Jolie -------------- Brooklyn

Kim Basinger ---------------- Nahla

Nicole Richie --------------- Stella Doreen

Gwen Paltrow ---------------- Honor

Celebrity Baby Match Answer Sheet

Jessica Alba- Honor

Ashley Simpson- Bronx

Halle Berry- Nahla

Tori Spelling- Stella Doreen

Katie Holmes- Suri

Victoria Beckham- Brooklyn

Anjelina Jolie- Maddox

Kim Basinger- Ireland

Nicole Richie- Harlow

Gwen Paltrow- Moses

Baby Brand Name

Do your guests really know all things baby?Prepare a list of popular baby brands and then tell guests to match popular baby items with their famous brands as best they can. Here's a few to get you started; Huggies-Diapers, Baby Food-Gerber, Graco- Car Seats, strollers.

Nursery Rhyme Game

Use your nursery rhymes to make a fun baby shower matching game. It may surprise you when not everyone will recall the answers even though its right in front of them.

Match the Tunes

There are hundreds of songs that have the word "BABY"in them. Make a list of some of these songs and let your guests match the name of the song with a baby line.Example Hit me baby one more time is taken from Britney Spears Baby One More Time

Baby Animal Match Game
Think you know animals and their young? Then why not have your guests play this fun free animal match game. You can say them aloud or hand out this printable version and see which of your guests not only complete their list BUT who completes it first and correctly. Have a wild time!

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