Name That Tune
Baby Shower Game

The Name That Tune shower game is creative game that all your baby shower guests can enjoy, young and old alike. You can play this game by breaking up players into groups and let them race to guess the song or play individually and see which of your guests really knows their song.

You can give the winner the CD with songs when the game is over.

You Will Need:

Preparing this game will be a lot of fun if you are a music lover. choose some good oldies as well as some new popular songs with the word "baby" in them, you might want to include a few not so popular songs just for the fun of it.
Download 15 to 20 songs with the word baby either in the title or in the verses and burn them to a CD.

How to Play

Playing this game is pretty simple, play a tune and the person or team that guesses the correct title of the song gets a point.

Name that baby song is a fun variation to the name that tune baby shower game. Break up players into teams or play individually by instructing players to list as many songs with the word baby in their titles, additionally they can write down the singer of the song as well as the title.

For each song title award 1 point and for each singer and song title award 2 points. The winner is the person that has the most points has the most points.

Here is a list of songs with the word baby in the title or in the verses

  1. Hush, Little Baby
  2. I got you baby- Sonny and Cher
  3. Isn't she lovely- Stevie Wonder
  4. Baby Baby Baby- TLC
  5. Baby Love- Supremes
  6. Hey Baby- No Doubt
  7. Baby Boy- Beyonce
  8. You're Having My Baby- Paul Anka
  9. ABC- Jackson Five
  10. Papa don't preach- Madonna
  11. Always be my baby- Mariah Carey
  12. Baby, Lets play house- Elvis Presley
  13. Clarabella- Beatles
  14. Rockabye Baby
  15. Push it- Salt n Peppa
  16. American Baby- Dave Mathews
  17. Be my baby tonight- Whitney Houston
  18. Hit me baby one more time- Britney Spears
  19. Baby got back- Sir-mix-a-lot
  20. Baby- Ashanti
  21. Tell me baby- Red hot chili peppers
  22. Baby Love- Diana Ross
  23. Baby come close- Smokey Robinson
  24. Come back baby- Elton John

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