Guess the Powder Game

guess the baby powder

Guess the powder game is much like the popular game guess the baby food as many players and onlookers will be wondering and guessing what the white powdery substance could be.

The great thing about this game in our opinion is that it will not be all that gross to try them out on your taste buds if you have a mind to.

Guess the white powder game is a super cute way of using household powders that we come in contact with every day and giving it a baby shower twist.

Supplies are easily found around the house with very little prep time which makes it a convenient and reliable fun game to add to the entertainment last minute.


What you will need:

10 small baby food jars or clear plastic bags

10 white household powders

Paper and pen for players


How to play:

Number baby food jars 1 to 10 then fill each jar with a household powder being sure to make a note of what you put in each jar.  Here are some powders to use:

·         Baby powder

·         Corn starch

·         Powdered milk

·         Formula

·         Flour

·         Powdered sugar

·         Cream of tartar

·         Laundry/ dish detergent

·         Baking powder

·         Baking soda

·         Splenda

·         Salt


Pass out game sheets for players to record their answers.



Simply tell players to look at each jar/plastic bag and try to guess what the powder is. Players can look and smell the powder to determine what it is. The most correct answers wins.

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