Baby Shower Pacifier Games

If you are looking for a pacifier game that doesn’t suck then continue reading.  Pacifier baby shower games are so versatile and that is the reason why we have 4 available for you to pick from for your baby shower.

First up Pin the pacifier game

Go back to basics with the baby shower version of pin the tail on the donkey.  Most of us played this game as a child and although it’s still a little silly it’s a whole lot of funny.

To play you will need a picture of a baby face. Search through magazines, newspapers, the internet or even draw a baby face yourself. Just be sure that it’s of a good size so guests have enough room to pin.  You will also need cut-outs of about 5 or more pacifiers depending on how many players you intend to have.

Tape the picture of the baby face to a wall and whatever makeshift mask you like, I prefer a sleep mask since they are effective and comfy.

Now how do you play:

Cover players eyes with mask, hand them a pacifier, turn them around then lead them to the picture and tell them to pin the pacifier on the baby’s mouth.  You can color code pacifiers to keep track of each players pin. The winner of the game is the person that gets their pacifier on or closest to the mouth.

A sleep mask can be a nice and appropriate game prize don’t you think?

Pacifier Necklace Game

I have been to a few showers where guests really get a kick out of stealing the pacifier from other guests.

This is a pretty common baby shower buzzword game. It’s quite simple to set up and play.  Best of all it keeps all the guests engaged in the game from start to finish.

Purchase pacifier necklace form a party store or even amazon and hand one to each guest when they arrive at the party.

Let everyone know that if they hear a person the word baby or mommy’s name then they are allowed to steal that person’s pacifier.

At the end of the shower whoever has the most necklace wins the game and a prize.

Baby Shower Pacifier Template

Click on the picture to download a template of this game.

All you have to do is click... download... print and trim!  Template can fit  5x7 photoframe. Place where everyone can easily see upon entering the party and all guests will need to do is read, grab a pacifier and start playing.

baby shower pacifier game
pacifier baby shower game

Spitting Binkies

I have seen infants mount pacifier missiles very effectively.  That is why it is fun to ask your baby shower contestants how far can they blow?

Preparation before the party.

Buy about 6 cheep pacifiers and boil them since players will put them in their mouth.  Also have ready a pail, bucket a basket. Anything you like really as long as it as good enough size to catch pacifier.


To play:

Ask contestants to stand in line beside each other and have your pail about 5 feet away. On the word go everyone should spit their binkie and see who gets closest to the pail or another way to play is to do away with a pail and simply spit that binkie with all their might as far as possible. The person that lauches it the farthest wins the game.


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