Celebrity Baby Name Game

Have fun with this celebrity baby name game. Celebrities have started a trend for finding the oddest names for their children, one such example is Axel the daughter of actor comedian Will Ferrel. Two first names are also a growing trend among celebrities when it comes to choosing baby names.

The celebrity Baby name game is a perfect game fit for a star is born baby shower theme. Who knows, if mom-to-be has not decided on a baby name yet then she might just be inspired to choose one of these unique baby names.

To play this game about the stars you need to do some prep work beforehand by researching baby names of celebrities.Choose a mixture of celebrities from reality stars, actors, musicians and even politicians. Having a good mix of celebrity will appeal to all your guests both young and old.

Write down the name of the celebrity parents on a sheet of paper and distribute to all the guests to match the baby with the celebrity parents by filling in the name in the spaces provided. Below is a list to get you started.

A fun alternative to this game is making a list of celebrity mothers and instructing guests to match the mothers with the children. A good game to get your celebrity fix, also a fun icebreaker game.

Fill In the Appropriate Celebrity Baby In the Spaces Below



















  1. Kendra Wilkinson —Hank Bassett _______________

  2. Heidi Klum —Seal _______________

  3. Ellen Pompeo —Chris Ivery _______________

  4. Rebecca Gayheart—Eric Dane _______________

  5. Katie Holmes—Tom Cruise _______________

  6. Victoria Beckham—David Beckham _______________

  7. Camila Alves—Matthew McConaughey _______________

  8. Angelina Jolie—Brad Pitt _______________

  9. Kourtney Kardashian—Scott Disick _______________

  10. Rhea Durham—Mark Wahlberg _______________

  11. Sarah J. Parker—Matthew Broderick _______________

  12. Jennifer Garner—Ben Affleck _______________


  1. Hank
  2. Lou Sulola
  3. Stella Luna
  4. Billie Beatrice
  5. Suri
  6. Brooklyn
  7. Vida
  8. Maddox
  9. Mason Dash
  10. Grace Margaret
  11. Tabitha Hodge
  12. Seraphina

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