Baby Price is Right Baby Shower Game

Baby price is right baby shower game is the the best baby shower game for all types of baby shower guests.

This is a version of the popular tv show of the same name. Baby shower price is right is the perfect addition to your shower entertainment since guests will have a fun time guessing prices for popular baby shower supplies and even better the mom-to-be gets to keep all those cute and useful supplies for the baby. How cool is that.

Preparing the Game
Baby Price is right takes some preparation upfront. So when you decide to play this game at the party you will need to go shopping.

But first you will need to make a list of 10 to 20 small baby items you will need to purchase. If you have a very small budget you may need to shop around at various stores to get the best prices.As you purchase each item be sure to keep the receipt to have a record of what everything cost and the total.

Below is a list of possible baby items you can purchase:

baby bottle
Baby bib
baby rattle
teddy bear
baby sock
teething ring
rubber ducky
nail clippers
baby powder
baby oil
baby rag
pack of diapers
baby booties
baby shirt

How to Play
Make a list of all the items and leave a space beside each item for guests to fill in what they think is the price of that item and the total of all items. Give each person a sheet with the items and a pen to record their guesses. Display all the items you bought on a table for everyone to see. After they finish enter their guesses call out the price of each item and the total, let them add up the total. The person with the closest sum for the prices of all the items is the winner of a prize. Give mommy-to-be the baby items.

If you think this game is way out of your budget then simply make a list of the items and ask the cashier or someone at thestore to give you the prices for all the items, this way you still have all you need for the game without having to purchase all the stuff.

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