Baby Shower Noahs Ark Game

Noahs Ark Game is a popular baby shower game that hostesses can use for almost any baby shower.

Its a fun complement to shower themes such as;

  1. Animal Themed baby shower
  2. Twins baby shower
  3. Christian Baby shower
  4. Teddy Bear baby Shower
  5. Couples baby shower

This game is so fun and versatile which is what makes it a popular baby shower game for shower hostesses. They have the advantage of personalizing this game to fit perfectly with their theme.

Here are a couple ways to play the noah's ark game:

Variation #1
Give each guest a sheet of baby lettered A-Z. You play this game by instructing guests that they have 2 minutes to name an animal for each letter of the alphabet for instance A-- Alligator, Ants.The guest that has the most animals at the end of 2 minutes wins.

You can place guests into pairs in keeping with the two by two theme that noah's ark is popular for.

Variation #2
Noah took a pair of each animal into the ark with him, one male and one female. Can your guests name a pair of animals for each letter of the alphabet.

Give them a sheet of paper and ask them to fill in a pair of animal for each letter of the alphabet. For example, if someone wrote down alligator then a male alligator would be called a bull but a female alligator is just called an alligator.

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