Christian Baby Shower Ideas

A christian Baby Shower is a great way to celebrate the new baby while keeping christian values in mind for mom and guests.A christian party does not have to be stuffy and boring, in fact it will be just as fun as any other themed shower with the right planning. You also want to make sure that if non-christians are attending then they will not feel uncomfortable.

Christian baby shower devotion is a nice way to kick start the party. Inviting a guest to lead the devotion by prayer and a song

Christian Themes
In planning this type of shower you can just go with a general christian theme or choose a related christian theme such as:

  • Noah's Ark theme
  • Angel themed baby shower
  • Precious moment baby shower

There are many Noah's ark, angel and precious moments themed decoration online and at party stores for you to choose from.If you do not want to use any of those theme ideas then a safe resort is using a pink or blue color scheme depending on thesex of the baby. Add to that balloons and banners and even some flowers.

Visit your local christian store and find other cute items to decorate the party with.You can also use the color white to signify the innocence of the new baby. Create decorations of white curtains and table clothes,white angels, silver garland, white balloons and so on. Be as creative as you like with your innocence theme.

You can find christian type baby shower invitations online. An alternative is to use an invitation of your choice and include your favorite bible verse or christian wording.

Here are some ideas for christian wording for your baby shower invitations:

"God has truly blessed our family,
we will welcome a miracle very shortly."

"Come celebrate a sweet little angel among us"

"Little hands and feet
sent from heaven, how sweet"

Planning a menu for this type of shower is not so difficult. Get ideas from the mom to be on what type of food she may like or dislike. If the mom to be and guests are of a certain faith that restrict certain food then obviously you will want to avoid or exclude those from your menu.

As the hostess you may be asked to help guests choose an appropriate christian gift that mom-to-be will like. The good news is that all babies will need the same baby stuff like diapers, booties and so on. However here are some other ideas for christian type gifts:

  • Baptism bible
  • Children's bible story book
  • A rosary if expecting mom is catholic
  • Christian baby shower gift card-Include a card with a bible verse or prayer for mom and baby

Christian Baby Shower to Christian Baby Shower Game

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