Mothers in the Bible
Baby Shower Game

Mothers in the bible matching game is a fun bible baby shower game that can be used as an icebreaker for your next christian baby shower. Celebrate mom-to-be by playing this game about famous women in the bible who had remarkable children.

To play this game you as the hostess will have to research names of popular women in the bible. Prepare a game sheet for all guests with a list of mothers and their children who are in the bible.

Instruct players to match the mother with the child. At the end of the game let them exchange sheets to score and the lady with the most correct answer is the lucky winner!

Below is our list of famous mothers who were found in the bible

Bible Mothers Matching Game

Make a list of famous mothers you know from the bible and let your guests match the child with the mother.

Mary - Jesus

Eve - Mother of Mankind

Sarah - Isaac

Rebekah - Jacob

Naomi - Mother in law of Ruth

Hannah - Samuel

Elizabeth - John the baptist

Abijah - Hezekiah

Jedidah - Josiah

Bathsheba - Solomon

Rachel - Joseph

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