Baby Food Tasting Shower Game

Have a riot of a time with this baby food tasting shower game. Ever wondered why baby scrunch up their cute little faces when you try to get them to eat those baby food from the jar like Gerber baby food? Have mom to be and her guests participate in this funny baby food guess. There are so many baby food to choose from which makes it all the more fun, chicken and chicken gravy, vegetable turkey, carrot apple mango and so on.

You will need
6-10 jars of baby food. Purchase a variety such as meat, fruit, vegetable and even a combination of these.
paper plate
paper and pen

How to prepare this game

Use foil, tape or whatever you have on hand to cover the jar making sure that the label is not visible. Use a marker to number the jars 1 to however many jars you have.

How to Play

Give each guest paper and pencil. Pass around each jar of baby food starting with jar number 1. Each guest is asked to take a small portion of baby food and add it to a little area of their plate.They should taste the sample and guess the baby food for each jar the get by writing down the number jar andwhat they think is the contents of the jar. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

For game prize give the winner something really tasty like assortment of chocolate or gift certificate to a restaurant.

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