Who Knows Mommy Best
Baby Shower Trivia Game

Do you really know the mom-to-be...Find out by playing Who knows mommy best baby shower trivia game.

This game is perfect as an ice breaker while waiting for guests to arrive. Play individually or place guests into 2 teams and quiz each team on questions about the mommy-to-be.

Prepare questions exclusively about mommy's pregnancy or mix it up with a mixture of questions about her younger years, her likes and dislikes and so on.

You may want to ask mommy's mother or husband to get some really juicy questions.

You will need:

  • List of questions that mom-to-be answered before hand
  • Game sheet with questions and pen/pencils

How to play

The game is played by preparing 15 to 20 questions about the guest of honor and print them out on a game sheet for all the participants of the game.

Let guests know that they should fill in what they think is the correct answer for each question. After everyone answers their questions let them exchange game sheets to score each other.

Call out the questions and let guests say aloud their guesses for each question. You will be surprised at the answers you will hear and even learn a secret or two about the new mom.
The guest with the most answers right will be the winner of a prize. Prize ideas can be a picture of the new mom or a bottle of wine.

Below is a list of questions you might want to use to compose your mommy trivia.

List of Who Knows Mommy Best Questions:

  1. How many children would mommy-to-be like?
  2. Who was mommy's first boyfriend?
  3. How did mommy tell her husband/partner she was pregnant?
  4. What cravings does/did mommy have?
  5. What is the color or theme mommy picked out for the nursery?
  6. What does mommy love most about being pregnant?
  7. What was the first baby item mommy bought when she found out she was pregnant?
  8. How many brothers and/or sisters does mommy to be have?
  9. What food aversions does mommy to be have?
  10. When is mommy-to-be expecting to deliver?
  11. Did mommy have morning sickness?
  12. What names does mommy have picked out?
  13. Would mommy prefer a boy or a girl?
  14. What is her favorite TV show?
  15. What was the name of her first pet?
  16. Who was the first person she told she was pregnant?

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