Creative Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

The baby shower centerpiece is the focal point of the decoration. Choose a centerpiece that's attractive but also useful to the mom-to-be or guests. For instance a simple flower arrangement can be given to a guests as a game prize or a diaper cake that mom-to-be will love and appreciate.

The right centerpiece can be more than an eye can be a conversation starter as well.

Think about it, when you add a lovely themed diaper cake as a centerpiece for the gift table, everyone wants to comment on how amazing it looks and will try to guess what goodies are in it for mommy. It makes the perfect icebreaker.

You can have as many table centerpieces as there are tables but be careful, because size does matter.

If the centerpiece is too big it might obstruct conversations and divide guests but if its too short then it might be overlooked by guests.

Here are some baby shower centerpiece ideas to consider:

Diaper Cake- perfect as a centerpiece for the gift table. With some creativity and a little instruction make your own homemade baby shower centerpiece. You can add as much to the diaper cake as you like and that is why they are fast becoming popular as unique baby shower centerpieces.

Floral baby shower centerpieces- a floral arrangement is not only beautiful to look at but smells really great and can add a classy elegant look to your party. Use the mom-to-be's favorite flowers if you know what it is.

Baby shower basket centerpiece- If you have got a gift basket for me to be then use it as centerpiece. Decorate and fill a basket with cute baby items like building blocks or with goodies like candy and chocolate for guests to munch on. Tie some party balloons to the handle for a festive look.

Baby shower Favor centerpieces- favors make the perfect centerpieces. They look attractive on tables and then because they look so cute guests get to keep them. Decorate or wrap favors into cute little packages and arrange them into groups of 3 and 5 on tables.

Baby bottles- fill baby bottles with assorted candies like m&ms and gummy bears. Guests can have them as little treats or game prizesto take home

Mini christmas tree- whether the party is at christmas time or not, if you have a little christmas tree that can fitunobtrusively on a table then put it up and decorate with baby items like pacifiers, little booties, teething rings, clothespins etc.

Baby shower crafts are always a great idea to add. If you are creative and have the time, design your own crafts toadd as a centerpiece. The choices are limited by your imagination, but some popular crafts to use are baby sock bouquet, diaper wreath, baby shower towel cake, etc.

Try a Mouth-watering Edible Table Centerpiece:

Baby shower cake- Baby shower cake are always attractive and dare I say delicious. Decorate the cake in the shower color scheme and add baby items such as building blocks etc.

Chocolate covered strawberries- arrange these on a dish and add to the center of the table. These wont be on the table for long however.

Chocolate fondue Fountain- this waterfall of goodness will be appreciated by all. Simply put your fondue fountain in the middle food table and arrange fruits close beside it so guests can dip and taste

Fruit dishes- Use a variety of fruits and arrange a colorful centerpiece. Cut fruits into different sizes and arrange on a large dish or makefruit kabobs.

Watermelon carriage- If you are good at carving out a Halloween pumpkin then try your hand at designing a watermelon baby carriage.

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