Diaper Raffle For Baby Shower

Having a diaper raffle at the shower is a cool way of getting some much needed diapers for the mom-to-be and is a fun door prize game.

Diapers are expensive and the average new born will have to be changed for no less than 6 times for the day. If you do the math then whew...that's a lot of diapers. Can you imagine if mom is expecting more than one baby such as twins, She is gonna need all the diapers she can get.

If you are hosting the shower and plan to have a baby shower diaper raffle then be sure to let guests know about it before hand by adding the information to the shower invitation. This way guests who want to participate will take a package of diapers and those who don't want to participate simple don't take any along.

If you do not include it on the shower invitation and just mention it to a few persons then you run the risk of offending those persons who may feel left out and may even reduce the potential number of diapers mommy would get.

You may or may not include the prize on offer in the invitation.

Here are a few diaper raffle wording you can include in your invitation to entice guests to want to play:

Bring a pack of diapers to help the mom to beFor a chance to enter a raffle to win a really great prize, you'll see

For a chance to win a great prizeJust bring a diaper any sizeYou won't disappoint, for sure you'll be surprised

Raffle prizes should be worth the effort for each participant to enter. Because you are asking persons to fork out extra in addition to their gift. A $30 to $50 budget should be able to get your guests an amazing grand prize.

Here are some prize ideas for your baby shower raffle:

Gift basket
Gift certificates
Small appliance or gadget
Kitchen utensils
Spa treatment or day pass to spa
Tickets to a game

Look out for gift baskets on specials, that way you can get it at a deal and may even have funds left over to buy consolationprizes for a runner up or third place winner.

How to play baby shower diaper raffle at baby shower

You will need Baby Shower Raffle Tickets for each player.

On the invitation let guests know that they should take with them a pack of diapers which will purchase them a raffle ticket.So basically guests will get a raffle ticket for each pack of diapers they carry.

As soon as guests arrive with diapers, give them each a raffle ticket and tell them to hold onto their ticket for the drawing which will take place later on during the shower.

Make sure that the grand prize for the raffle is on display for everyone to see. During the shower announce that its time for the raffle drawing and pick a ticket from a hat or bowl. The lucky person whose ticket is drawn is the winner.

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